What Services Do An Seattle Bankruptcy Attorney Offer And How Much Do They Charge?

Whether you are filing your petition under chapter 7 or chapter 13, a Seattle bankruptcy attorney is likely to charge you somewhere around $1500 for the legal assistance they provide. The procedure is a complex one and legal representation is crucial in these types of cases. So, despite the fact that the lawyer’s fee is a substantial one, you may still have to hire one. Here, it is also very important for you to keep in mind that you also need to pay somewhere around $300 as bankruptcy filing fee. This is in addition to the attorney’s fee. Therefore, while you are doing your preparation to file bankruptcy in the state of Seattle, make sure that you can afford these expenses. Sometimes, debtors choose to handle their case on their own even if they have no legal knowledge; they do this just to avoid the hefty amount of fee lawyers charge. But, such debtors often end up losing most of their assets and getting only a few of their debts discharged. It is not without reason why lawyers charge that high a fee for these cases. They are legal experts and they know how to help you go bankrupt without losing much of your assets and still getting the majority of your debts discharged. That is obviously in chapter 7. Even if you are filing under chapter 13, the lawyer can help you win a more favorable and affordable repayment plan.

The Option To Waive Court Fee

While doing the necessary paperwork, a Seattle bankruptcy attorney can even help you get the court fees (around $300) waived off. As a debtor, you have the legal right to request the court to waive the filing fee, but your request is likely to be accepted only if you succeed in providing some convincing grounds for it. With the kind of knowledge and expertise that attorneys have, they know how to convince the court regarding the same. This way, even if you pay $1500 to your lawyer and end up saving $300 straightaway, you are actually spending $1200 only, which does not look like a bad deal, especially when you know that the lawyer is going to save a lot more than what they are charging. Just keep reading.

Choosing The Right Type Of Bankruptcy

A Seattle bankruptcy attorney can help you do some extensive home work in such a way that can help you avoid chapter 7 bankruptcy and make you qualify for a chapter 13 one. The lawyer can help you pass the means test in a way so that you can qualify for the type of bankruptcy that is in your best interest. It means in extreme cases, the situation can be vice versa also, which means you may like to file under chapter 7 instead of chapter 13. The lawyer will help you work on your finances in such a way that you can pass the means test accordingly without violating any laws.

Discharge Of Debt

It is very important for you to keep in mind that even if you are filing under chapter 7, not all of the debts get discharged. There are usually no legal ways to discharge student loans or tax dues. But, sometimes, even other usual debts may not qualify for discharge, such as when a creditor files an objection. In such cases, only an experienced Seattle bankruptcy attorney can help you get those debts discharged. The lawyers know how to handle such objections.

Liquidation Of Assets

The similar thing holds true for liquidation of assets and properties also. If you are handling things on your own, you may end up losing most of your assets in liquidation. Though you do get some property exemptions, but those exemptions are often not enough to save your properties. You may even lose your home and car. In most cases, you get the amount of the exemptions in cash from the proceeds received from the sale of the assets. An experienced lawyer can show you legal ways on how you can keep your home and car even if you are getting bankrupt under chapter.

Overall, the role and importance of a Seattle bankruptcy attorney just cannot be ignored despite the fact they charge a hefty amount of fee.

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  1. Bill says:

    The residents of the state of Seattle have to arrange some extra amount of money if they are supposed to go to file a petition under chapter 7 or chapter 13. Some times people want to save the attorney’s fee and so they choose to handle their case on their own but the result becomes really terrible. The whole process of bankruptcy is very complicated. The attorney can handle your case in the court for better than you and can save more assets for you. If you are filing the petition under chapter 13, the attorney can get you more affordable repayment plan. You can request the court to give you concession in court fee but it also needs some strong grounds of reason which can be given by reputable lawyer only, that’s why a expert lawyer is very important for bankruptcy. It may be possible that you can not get discharges your debts if you do not have a experienced lawyer, student loan or tax dues can not be discharged but at the same time if a creditor files an objection some other debts will also not to be discharged. Maximum number of assets can also be keep with you if your lawyer has some successful cases in his pocket. Overall in the state of Seattle, if you are thinking to file a petition for bankruptcy you must find an experienced lawyer first then move ahead.

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