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What Are Your Options For Payday Loan Debt Elimination?

If you are looking out for some effective ways for payday loan debt elimination, you will be glad to know that your options abound. However, before you go ahead and review those options, you must first have a very practical idea about the predatory nature of payday debts. These debts grow at a very fast pace because of the extremely high amount of interest that are charged on it and because of the provisions like automatic rollovers. It means the debt elimination strategies that may work for conventional loan debts may not prove to be effective for payday debts. You will have to come up with some innovative strategies if you are serious about eliminating the debts caused by multiple payday cash advances. The following is a brief guide on how you can go about it.

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Calculate How Much Aggregate Amount Of Debt You Owe

In order to decide which type of payday loan debt elimination method may work for you, the first thing you will have to do is to do your maths and get a very practical picture on how much payday debts you actually owe and how your debt balances are growing with every single day. You can do this by writing all the details in a piece of paper. Most borrowers try to calculate everything in their mind, which is not the right strategy. When you write down the details on paper, you can visualize the horrible picture payday debts are creating for you.

Break The Cycle Of Debt

The best payday loan debt elimination plan for you is obviously the one that should first put a brake on the growth of the debt balances and break the nasty cycle of debts that predatory payday loans often create. In order to do this effectively, you must first learn about your mistakes so that you do not commit the same mistakes again that have caused this debt problem. For example, you cannot keep on borrowing new payday loans while you are working out your strategies on how to get rid of your existing payday debts. Many borrowers try to ‘eliminate’ the exiting payday loan debts by borrowing a new, bigger payday loan, which is the worst mistake a person can ever make.

Learn About The Laws And Negotiate Accordingly With Your Lenders

While you are looking out for the best payday loan debt elimination method, it is very important for you to keep in mind that most states now have specific payday loan laws that are usually in favor of the borrowers. Your lenders might be trying to threaten you by saying that they will file criminal lawsuits against you and will send you to jail if you do not pay off the debts immediately. This is illegal because US laws do not treat non-payment of debt as a criminal offence. But yes, if your lenders are harassing you by making such false threats, they are doing it illegally and this is a criminal offence. The more you know about the payday loan laws applicable in your state, the better you will be able to negotiate your debts with your lenders. Payday lenders are notorious for breaking the laws. Therefore, you are advised to read your loan contracts once again and find out if there has been any violation of the laws. If yes, you can easily convince your lenders to agree to your debt elimination proposal in light of the law.

Signing Up With A Debt Elimination Agency

There are several payday loan debt elimination companies available out there in the market. However, not all of them are genuine and legitimate ones; many of them are unscrupulous as well. Therefore, you must be very careful before you sign up with any such company. Do a thorough background check, such as by checking their past records maintained by the Better Business Bureau. A reputable and experienced debt elimination agency will negotiate with your lenders on your behalf and will successfully convince your lenders to accept a reduced amount of money in full and final settlement of the entire debt.

Convert Your Multiple Payday Debts Into A Single Conventional Loan Account

There is also a do-it-yourself payday loan debt elimination method, as per which you have to borrow a new conventional loan (such as a personal loan or a home equity loan) so that you can pay off your existing debts toward multiple payday loan accounts all at once. Obviously, you will have to borrow a very big amount of conventional loan, something that can easily cover all your payday debts. This way, you can eliminate your payday loan debts straightaway. You will then be liable to pay off a single debt, which is a conventional loan that is very cheap and quite affordable as compared to the extremely costly and risky payday loans.

Overall, as you can see, there is an array of options for payday loan debt elimination. But, in order to use these methods successfully, you must follow a financially disciplined life. For example, you must always follow a strict budget plan and maintain a decent amount of emergency savings fund so that you should never fall into a situation again where you may have to look out for payday loans as your solution to your urgent financial requirements.

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