Tips To Find Out The Bankruptcy Records Of A Business

There can be a wide array of reasons when you may have to find out the bankruptcy records of a business. For example, you may like to access such information when you are considering doing some business with an organization. In such cases, it is often wise to do a thorough background check of that organization in order to ensure that you are doing business with the right entity. Luckily, there are several options available out there that can help you find out if a business has ever filed for bankruptcy in the past. The good news is that this process is neither expensive nor highly time consuming. You can get all the information you need in this regard without spending a lot of time or money. To start with, you must know that all types of business bankruptcies are published in newspapers, but it is very likely that you miss such pieces of news. It is very important for you to keep in mind that the details regarding the bankruptcy of an individual or business are considered as public information. Therefore, it is not very difficult find out such information. Following is a brief overview on how to go about it.

Contact The Local Bankruptcy Courthouse

When it comes to accessing bankruptcy records of a business, the first thing you can do is to contact the bankruptcy courthouse in your region. You can either give a personal visit or just give them a phone call and request for the bankruptcy information related to the organization in question. You can contact them during normal weekday business hours. You will be glad to know that this service is completely free of cost. If you just want the information and do not need the copies of the record, the details are just a phone call away. You will not be charged any fee to get information on phone. However, if you are requesting them to send you copies of the records, you must expect to pay a nominal fee.

Public Access to Court Electronic Records

The official website of the Public Access to Court Electronic Records makes another great resource to access bankruptcy records of a business. You will need to get yourself registered first, which should not take more than just a few minutes. The registration is also free. Once you are registered, you just have to follow the instructions available out there. You will not be asked to pay even a single penny to look at the information on your computer screen, but if you want to get the records printed on paper, you will be charged a nominal fee, which is 8 cents per page at present. You can pay the fee online using your credit card.

Alternatively, you can also contact the three major credit bureaus and request them to provide you the details of the bankruptcy records of a business. You can access the credit reports of the company in question right on the official website of the credit bureau. Here again, you will be charged a fee, which you can pay online using your credit card. This fee however is comparatively much higher – it can be up to $25.

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  1. Bill says:

    Bankruptcy records are treated as public information, so if you want to find about details regarding bankruptcy it can not be considered as a difficult task to do. The demand of such inquiry can be needed due to some findings you want for any organization or any business entity. You are able to know about the past records of any organization for which you want to do the enquiry. The information about the bankruptcy of an individual or any business organization is always published in the newspapers; this can be the best option to find the past record of any organization. If you do not find the records of a particular organization, you can contact the court and access electronics bankruptcy records of a business. It is very easy also to access the records of a business. It is very easy to access the records electronically, all you need to do is to just register yourself and you will be able to access the information about any company or business. There will be all the information on your screen just a click away from you. The past should be really clear to you before doing any mistake in present so it is always a better option to gather all the data before starting any deal with a company.

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