“The AFL has spoken about it (the booing) now and called for it to stop, so hop

But he had no doubt a significant amount of it was racially motivated.

“Everyone has talked about how outspoken Adam Goodes has been about racial abuse and that’s fair enough from him – why shouldn’t he be?” Dodd said.

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“I’m shocked that he’s copping more abuse because he’s speaking out about it.

“I was at the AFL game between West Coast and the Sydney Swans last weekend and they’re mocking him, laughing at him when he slipped over chasing a defender and booing him every time he got near the ball.

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“For that many people to be booing him it just seems like it’s more of a sheep mentality in some cases – ‘the person next to me is doing it, so I’m going to do it as well’. They’re not really knowing why.

“But I’m also sure some people are doing it because he stands up for what he believes in and they don’t like it. If they’re doing it for that reason, it’s sad.

“If you’re doing it because you don’t like him as a Sydney Swans player and you support the other team, then, so be it, but I read a story that said people are saying they’re doing it because he’s a niggly player and because he dives. Yet other players do that and don’t get the same treatment.

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“They don’t boo them every time they get near the ball, so I’m sure there is more to it than just that they don’t like Adam Goodes as a player. It’s racial abuse to an extent, I believe, for sure. Others are doing it because he’s playing for a rival team and others are just sheep.

“Some people think they’re booing for the support of their team, but some are doing it for the wrong reasons.”

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Dodd said he was frustrated and disappointed to see Goodes treated that way by the crowd.

“I look at the support Lewis Jetta gave Adam Goodes by doing the celebration after he scored and I thought that was great,” Dodd said.

“Some people reckon it antagonises people, but if you look at soccer, every player in the world who scores a goal will do something to celebrate it. Do they get booed when they do that? No, they don’t. It’s part of the game.

“AFL is not renowned for celebrating goals too wildly, but he (Jetta) is proud of where he comes from and who his family are, so good on him for doing it.

“I feel frustration and disappointment when I see how Goodes is treated. It’s almost like we’re going backwards as a sporting nation.

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“The fans aren’t calling out ape noises like you can get in European football, but we don’t want it to go back to being a country that’s going to be known for abusing people on the sporting field because of their beliefs and their race.

“I can say my treatment by crowds, when I was playing, was pretty good. If people were booing me or screaming at me, it was because they didn’t rate me as a player – or I assume so, anyway. I never heard any racial slurs or anything like that.

“The crowds in the A-League were quite good. You expect rivals fans not to like you, it’s part and parcel of the game, but on Sunday at the West Coast-Swans game I could hear the booing extensively.”

Dodd said McMaster would hopefully learn a hard lesson.

“I’ve seen a lot of people come out and support Heidelberg for standing him down from the FFA Cup game,” he said. “I’m pleased about that, because I thought it was a great move by the club.

“Being indigenous, if he was my teammate I wouldn’t want to play with him. I wouldn’t want to be in the same team as him, if that’s how he feels about it.

“I can’t even say it was a heat of the moment comment from him (on Twitter), because it was an ongoing conversation. He tweeted about it quite a lot, so I can’t even defend him by saying it was just a spur of the moment comment.

“I don’t really have an opinion on what should happen to him. He’ll probably cop it in the street and on the field. You reap what you sew.”

Dodd said he hoped to see Goodes go out as the champion player that he is – by playing on until he rightfully decides his playing time is up.

“I want him to keep playing,” Dodd said. “As a player, he’s been a great servant for the game. He’s a Brownlow Medallist and he’s won premierships, so it would be a tragedy if he was to retire on this note.

“The playing career he’s had, he certainly deserves a lot more respect and a proper send-off when he retires.

“Looking at the support he’s got from his club and his teammates and other codes, it’s been fantastic. From that perspective, and the media, it’s been brilliant.

“I’m sure he’s getting the support he needs and the time off he needs. Hopefully, he can re-focus and come back and finish the game on a high.

“The AFL has spoken about it (the booing) now and called for it to stop, so hopefully it does. You would like to think people question themselves and come to the conclusion that it’s not the right thing to do.

“Supporters are going to boo players – that’s a part of footy – but don’t do it for the wrong reason. Don’t do it because he speaks out about racism.”

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