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35 Creative Money Saving Tips To Avoid Payday Loans – Part 5

In the last four parts of this article, you read about twenty-eight very creative ways to save a lot of money so that you can avoid payday loans. Following are seven more tips and tricks that will help you save more money.

29. Look For The “Energy Star” Sticker When Buying Appliances

If there are “Energy Star” stickers on the appliances you are purchasing, it means those appliances will consume less energy as compared to other similar products in the market that do not come with that sticker. The appliances are first reviewed thoroughly for its energy efficiency by the Environmental Protection Agency; when the agency is satisfied with its performance, they provide the “Energy Star” sticker. Appliances that consume less energy will obviously cost you less money in energy bills, which can eventually result in a significant amount of savings every month.

30. Maintain Good Terms With Your Neighbors

If you are in good terms with your neighbors, you can save a lot of money on various occasions. Even these savings will contribute toward your efforts to avoid payday loans. For example, if you have pet and are considering putting it into a pet hotel because you are going for a weekend outing, it can turn out to be very expensive. On the other hand, if you maintain good terms with your neighbors, you can simply ask favor from them and ensure better care for your pets without spending a lot of money.

31. Just Because Some Items Are Selling At A Cheap Price, It Does Not Mean You Must Buy Them

In this age of consumerism, whenever people come across a “great deal”, they tend to take advantage of the same. This way, many times, people end up buying things that they do not need. It is very important for you to understand that your decision regarding a purchase must be made on the basis of your necessity, not on the basis of your temptation. If you are serious about saving money to avoid payday loans, you must do everything possible to avoid impulse buying. Impulse buying is one of the main reasons why people often end up getting their finances ruined up. If you do not need a product, there is no sense in buying the same no matter how attractively it has been priced.

32. Stop Competing

Everyone wants a better standard of living, which is not at all a bad thing, but if you are borrowing loans and overspending just to achieve it anyhow, you will actually damage your finances badly. Therefore, it does not make any sense to compete with your neighbors or colleagues or relatives. You must learn to live within your means. If you are spending more than you earn, you are putting yourself into big trouble. Always remember, quality of life is more important than standard of life. A seemingly high standard of living is not at all worth all the efforts if you are living an overstressed life because of debt troubles. Achieving a debt-free life is more important to live a peaceful and prosperous life.

33. Be Consistent In Your Efforts And Have Some Patience

While you are working your strategies on how to save money to avoid payday loans, you will also need a lot of patience. It is very important for you to keep in mind that nothing is going to happen overnight. There is no magical way to create a huge emergency saving fund within just a few days. You will have to follow all the tips that have been mentioned above and you will have to be consistent in your efforts. Financial discipline is also very important.

34. Be Flexible

Do not forget that things are not going to be the same forever. Things change with time. Therefore, it is very important for you to be quite flexible with your planning and efforts. For example, if you have planned to save $200 every month, but you are hit with an unexpected expense in a particular month and you save only $20 that month, it is perfectly all right as long viagra discount as you bring yourself back on track. A wise way to do this is to start saving $10 extra for the next nine months. This way, you can easily get that $180 in your savings account, which you could not have saved in that month of emergency.

35. Be Realistic With Your Saving Goals

Last, but not the least, you must also be very realistic with your financial goals. For example, it really sounds very attractive to save $25000 a year, but if your annual income is $50000 only, it is not a practical goal. Always remember, if your goals are not realistic, you will never be able to achieve it.

Overall, when it comes to saving money to avoid payday loans, there are plenty of things you can do. It is just that you will have to financial well disciplined and consistent with your efforts.

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