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Alternative To Payday Loan Debt – 14 Strategies To Create A Healthy Emergency Fund – Part 1

Building an emergency fund is the best way to avoid the risky payday loan debt. Besides that, it also smoothens out your budget and reduces any kind of financial stress to a great extent. For example, if you earn a hand-to-mouth monthly salary, you are very much likely to come up with times when you will be having difficulty in paying your bills on time, which will obviously result in penalty charges and late fees. You can easily avoid these financial hits by having an emergency cushion. Though it is common for people to advise others on why they must have an emergency fund, what is not so common is how exactly you can do this successfully. It’s easy. You just have to follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – Getting Started Is More Important Than How Much

Though people know that emergency fund can be a great way to avoid payday loan debt, the majority fails to implement that knowledge practically mainly because they keep on waiting for the right time when they will have a big sum of extra money to put into this fund. That time seldom comes. Therefore, my advice for you is to give yourself an immediate start without worrying about how much you are saving. Even if it is a very small amount, such as $20 per paycheck, just start. Haven’t you heard that age-old proverb “slow and steady wins the race”? When you will see that you have money in your savings (no matter how small it is), it will motivate you to put more serious efforts and save more.

Step 2 – Get The Monthly Savings Deducted Automatically

If you are serious about building an emergency fund to avoid the possibilities of getting into , you must consider setting up your saving bank account (which you are using as your emergency fund) in a way that a certain amount of money should get deducted automatically every month as soon as you get your paycheck. For example, if your monthly salary is $1000, you can set up your account to deduct $50 every month. Once you do that, you just have to learn how to plan your expenses assuming your monthly salary is $950 only, not $1000. The best thing about this step is that it automates the process and thus you no more have to think about it manually. This will make things much smoother for you. This strategy also works for those who have discipline problems.

Step 3 – Consider It As Just Another Monthly Bill

No tasks are easy or difficult. It depends entirely on the doer how he/she treats that task. How you view a particular task is very important. You can achieve success in creating an emergency fund and avoiding payday loan debt if you start treating those small monthly deductions as a regular monthly utility bill. You pay this bill every month in order to ensure financial safety. When you start thinking and acting like this, you will never end up negotiating how much you should save. In fact, chances are that, you will end up saving more, but never less that what you have determined.

Continued: “” – Do Not Let Your Debt Problems Stop You From Creating Your Emergency Fund

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