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Route 66 Funding For Instant And Easy Approval

There are times when you are thrown out of gear due to financial emergencies cropping up. If you wish to get an easy payday loan to ease your pressure it is imperative that you get some firsthand information regarding the procedures.

Payday loans are very apt in these circumstances. You can opt for this type of easy payday loan to clear any imminent dues which might create problems for you in the future. They might be your credit card bills, unexpected medical expenses, your utility bills etc. These expenses normally cannot wait for another day. Hence, you avail a loan against your payday check.

Amount You Can Borrow  

For an easy payday loan the amount that you can borrow is from $100 to $1500 depending on your salary structure. The money that you borrow is only up to the next payday. You repay the principal amount along with the interest levied on it. Some lending companies fix an upper ceiling to the amount that can be borrowed which is often $500 to first time borrowers. But you can get a higher amount if you own a house and the property is not even used as a collateral security against your payday loan.

Eligibility Of Procuring One

These are ‘fast approval payday loans’ and hardly takes any time in granting to the customers. If you fulfill the following criteria then you can avail the loan in no time:

• must be an american citizen
• must be over the age of 18
• must be on a regular job for the last 90 days
• monthly income should be over $1000
• must own an active bank account

A pay day loan is absolutely yours if you fulfill the above criteria and can avail the loan any day. It is independent of your current credit status. Even if you have a bad credit rating currently you can get this loan if you fulfill the above criteria.

Interest Of Payday Loans

The interest rate on a easy payday loan can range between $15 to $30 on every $100 borrowed for two weeks. There are also lenders who provide loans for one week.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that you borrow only the exact amount which is actually required. Borrowing an extra amount can be a burden on you later on when you start repaying the loan. If you need $500 never go for $1500 even if you stand eligible for it. You will end up paying an extra interest on the $1000 which you did not require. It will come with an interest which could be very high. Moreover, borrow at the right time and not before hand as it will accumulate interest.
Avail an easy payday loan instantly without the hassle of rigorous documentation.

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