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How To Pay Off Fast Pay Day Loans Quickly?

Fast pay day loans are approved quickly and they even give you the money you need instantly, within just a few hours or mostly by one to two business days, but the sad part of the story is it is never easy to repay such loans. A vast majority of payday loan borrowers belong to the low-income working class community. The cost of these loans is so high that they seldom succeed in making full repayment on the scheduled due date. Luckily, there are still ways to get rid of such unreasonably high amounts of debts. Following is a brief rundown on how to do it. A Real Life Example As per a real life example that was recently reported in the Chicago Tribune, a person borrowed $200, but they actually got a check of $182.68 only after deductions

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of processing fee and other charges. He failed to repay it in time and renewed the loan for one months and the eventual outstanding debt balance that he owed after one month was $557.58 (almost three times multiplied by the actual principal amount). Obviously, for anyone who does not earn enough to meet even his or her basic needs, such high cost is quite a horrible thing to deal with. If he continues to get the due date extended for another month, the eventual debt balance can soon become thousands of dollars of debts while the irony is that only $182.68 was borrowed initially. Use A Mix Of Debt Consolidation And Debt Settlement Plan Though debt consolidation and debt settlement are two different types of plans and they work quite differently, but when it comes to dealing with the mounting debt problems caused by fast pay day loans, a good mix of both these plans can bring you the most effective results. The good news is that there are several reputable debt relief organizations that are offering such programs. When you sign up for such a program, a large part of your debts

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get eliminated straight away. The expert negotiators who work for these debt relief organizations know how to convince your otherwise adamant payday lenders to reduce interest and penalty charges and to reduce the actual debt balance to as low as just 50% of what you actually owe. For example, if owe around $2000 for an initial loan of $425 only and you sign up for a payday debt relief program, you can get a chance to settle your entire debt by paying only $1000. Since this again is a large sum of money, the program allows you to make the repayment in easy

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monthly installments without facing any additional charges. You might be allowed to pay $200 per month and clear your debts in a period of just five months. Overall, As you can see, despite getting yourself enrolled in a debt relief program, you still have to pay a significantly much larger amount of money than the amount you actually borrow initially, but this is how it is. The debt relief program makes things easier, but you cannot expect a magic from it. Payday loans are costly; you realized it now; so the next time, do not borrow it. Even if you need money urgently, look for cheaper, safer and better alternatives. Do not listen to your temptations. Make a decision only after doing proper math.

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