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How To Get Rid Of Payday Loan Debt? Little Things That Can Make A Big Difference – Part 2

Here’s the second part () of the series on how doing (or not doing) some little things can help you get a lot of extra money and show you the pathway on how to get rid of payday loan debt faster. It is very important for you to understand that any effort that helps you save (or earn) some money (no matter how small it is) is not small at all. When you look at the collective outcome of all those little efforts, you will see the big difference.

Switch To A Bank That Cares For You

It does not make any sense to spend your hard-earned money to pay for the high maintenance fee just because you have a checking and/or saving account in a bank. Besides that, there are simply no reasons to stick with the same bank if you are getting very little interest on the money deposited in your accounts. Find out if there is a bank that has better offers for you, such as the one that gives a higher interest rate on the deposit and does not charge maintenance fee every now and then. Do not worry about your lenders. Just inform them that you are not running away anywhere and that you are just switching to another bank. This will involve some paperwork, which should not take much time unless you have uncountable loans in your name with the provision for automatic withdrawals from your account. The plan is simple. First, open a new bank account and obtain necessary details, such as routing number and account number. Second, check twice that you have informed all lenders about the transition. Third, switch over all your deposits and automatic withdrawals at once. This way, you can easily avoid unpleasant surprises, as you will already have money in your account when the time for any automatic withdrawal comes in. While you are working on how to , this strategy to protect your hard earned money can go a long way in getting your finances back on track.

Use Homemade, Personalized Gifts Instead Of Purchasing Things From Gift Stores

Every now and then, you may have to attend some birthday parties, a marriage anniversary, or any other function where you are supposed to bring gifts for someone. You are recommended to consider making your own, homemade personalized gifts instead of purchasing something expensive from a store. Some wonderful ideas may include making food mixes, cookies, bread, candles, or anything you like (your creativity is the only limit). You can prepare these things quite easily at home and they are also very inexpensive. After all, when a gift involves your homemade touch (better, if you also add a personal handwritten note to it), it becomes very special for the person who receives it. Depending upon how frequently you attend such parties, this little strategy can save you fortune, which will definitely motivate you to stick with your strategies on how to get rid of payday loan debt as quickly as possible.

Do Not Enter A Shopping Store Without A List Of What Exactly You Have To Buy

When you enter a shopping store without having a strong idea about what exactly you have to purchase and how much, you are very much likely to end up becoming a victim of impulse buying. You are already in a serious debt trap and there is no sense in doing something that can further damage your finances. It takes just two minutes (or even less) to prepare a list. So, invest these two minutes every time you have to visit a store and you will see how you come out of the store saving a bundle. But remember, just having a list is not going to prove any good unless you stick to it; so, make sure you do not put anything in the cart that is not in your list. A shopping store is not the best place to decide what you have to buy and what you do not have to buy. You must always make this decision at your home before you go for shopping. If you still find something in the store that you think you MUST buy, you must follow that 30-day wait period strategy, which I have already discussed in . Wait for thirty days and then ask yourself again if you really need that thing. The idea is to give yourself enough time to decide if a purchase is really necessary. Making instant purchasing decisions at store is often based on impulses and temptations, not on logic or necessity. Considering the very fact that you are working hard to get rid of your debt problems, this is obviously not the right time to throw your hard-earned money away by making unnecessary purchases.

It is quite understandable if you do not like all of these strategies, but the point is even if you follow one or two of these little steps and use them practically, you will definitely see the big difference. Please do visit again to find out some more articles on this series of how some little strategies, if implemented thoroughly, can help you get faster (better) results from your plan on how to get rid of payday loan debt.

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