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Myth About Cash In Advance Loans – Rates Are High, Not The Actual Amount Of Interest?

Lenders that offer cash in advance loans often defend

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the extremely high rate of interest they charge on these loans

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by saying that it is just the APR (annual percentage rate) that is high, not the actual amount of interest. They claim that the actual amount of interest revolves around $30 to $50 only, which is not a big amount. Such defenses by pa

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y day loan companies are weak and illogical. In this article, we will analyze this claim and will try to find out the truth.

The Amount Of Interest Mentioned In Advertisements Mislead Consumers

When it comes to understanding the myth about the interest charges on cash in advance loans, the first thing that is very important for you to keep in mind is that the small amount of interest that lenders quote in their advertisements never tell the real story. For example, if the advertisement says that the interest charged on loan is $60 only and the maximum amount of loan that can be issued is $1000, it does not mean that the lender is charging just $60 on $1000 of loan. The complete picture can become clear only when you read the written loan contract thoroughly. The loan contract will tell you that the $60 of interest mentioned in advertisement is actually charged on every $100 issued for 14 days. Borrow $100 for 28 days and you will have to pay back $120 just to cover the interest charges. If you are borrowing $800, you will be required to repay $1760. As you can see, even the amount of interest is never small. Even if you borrow a small amount of $300 for two weeks only, you will still be required to repay $480. Only low-income people borrow such small amounts of loans and for them an additional $180 of financial burden is often too much to afford.

You Never Get The Full Amount Of Money That Is Approved

While you are trying to understand the total cost of loan associated with cash in advance loans, it is also very important for you to keep in mind that interest

is not the only thing that you have to pay on these loans. There are several additional charges as well, such as processing fee, verification fee and others. Most payday lenders deduct these additional charges upfront right from the loan approved to you. For example, if they approve a $300 of loan to you for two weeks and additional charges amount to $90 (at the rate of $30 per $100), you will actually get a check of $210 only. But, you will still be required to pay $480. It means the actual total cost amount to $180 plus $90, which is $270.

As you can see, even very small amount of cash in advance loans borrowed for a period of just two weeks may cost you almost double of the actual principle amount (the money you pfizer viagra actually

receive in hand). Therefore, you are advised to look for better, cheaper alternatives.

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