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Can A High-Cost Advance Pay Day Loan Solve Your Debt Problems?

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A high cost advance pay day loan may bring you temporary financial relief, as it provides you

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instant money, but within a couple of weeks after that when the due date comes, you face a

bigger, more horrible financial problem. At this stage, if you borrow another payday loan, it can again provide you a temporary relief for a few weeks, but after that, you will find yourself much deeper into debt. Soon it becomes a cycle: you keep on borrowing or renewing payday loans and your debts keep on increasing fast. So, the answer is a big NO – a high-cost quick cash advance creates debt problem; it does not solve it. The following explanation will help you get a better understanding on why these loans never make a wise choice in financial crisis and why these costly and risky loans are still in high demand despite its horrible drawbacks.

What It Really Means To Borrow A High Cost Loan To Make Payments On A High-Priority Loan?

High-priority loans include mortgage, car loans and others. These are secured loans; if you do not make monthly payments in time, you can end up losing your home or car. Therefore, when you find yourself in a situation where you do not have enough money to keep up with the monthly payments, you may feel highly tempted to borrow even an extremely high-cost advance pay day loan because it promises quick money. You are so much focused on saving your car and home that you fail to do a thorough calculation about whether you afford that high-cost loan or not. This is how it happens. But, payday loans never make a wise choice. These overly expensive loans show their cruel face to you only when the due date for the same arrives. The following example can explain it better.

Hidden Additional Charges

There might be a situation when

you need just $300 to ensure timely payment on your mortgage. You see an advertisement about a quick advance pay day loan that promises you quick money within just a few hours at a very small amount of interest. Out of temptation, you sign up for it and even get the money credited into your account as promised. But, you may be surprised to see that less money has been credited to your bank account than the actual amount that has been approved. For example, you may get just $210 instead of $300 that was approved. When you enquire about it, you get to know that your lender deducted certain processing and verification charges upfront, which amounted to $30 on every $100 of loan issued. You borrowed $300; so, $90 got deducted.

The Amount Of Interest May Look Small, But It Is Something Very Big In Proportion To The Money You Actually Borrow

What is more troubling is that you have to pay interest on the amount of money that has been approved, which is $300. Interest charges vary from one lender to another, but usually range from $30 to $70 on every $100 of loan issued for 14 days. Even if it is just $40 and you borrow the loan for 14 days only, you will still have to pay $120 as interest. It means the total amount of money that you have to repay is $420. As a mater of fact, you got $210 only and you are now paying $420, it means the actual cost of the loan

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is $210 – just double of the money you actually get in hand.

Extending Due Date

A small advance pay day loan of $300 is not something that people with high-income borrow. You probably have a very low monthly income and are already facing great difficulty in meeting even your basic needs. The additional burden of $210 may prove to be a huge one and you may not be able to pay it back in full. As a result, you get the due date extended, renew the existing loan or take a new payday loan to pay it off – lenders happily agree for all such requests. This is how they make real profit – by trapping you into a debt cycle for as long a period as possible.

Is There A Better Option?

Of course, there is. There are several better alternatives to an advance pay day loan. The best thing that you can do to deal with high-priority debts is to talk to those

lenders directly. They will show you a way. For example, they may allow you to get that high-priority debt refinanced on easier, more affordable terms.

In short, borrowing a high-cost loan to pay off a low-rate debt (even if it is on high priory) never makes a wise decision. Sol, think twice (or maybe, once more) before you sign up for payday loans in hopes of getting quick money.

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