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Florida Bankruptcy Exemptions

In Florida, your options are limited to use only the Florida bankruptcy exemptions as specified under the state laws; you cannot use the federal list of exemptions instead of the state-specific exemptions. However, you are allowed to use federal supplemental exemptions in addition to the state-specific exemptions. It is important to note that unlike many other states, the state of Florida does not have any provision for double exemption limit for married couples who file their bankruptcy petition jointly. Besides that, you can qualify for certain types of exemptions only if you are head of your family.


Married couple who jointly file bankruptcy petition can get up to $2000 of personal property. For single individuals, the maximum limit is $1000 only.


All types of wages, whether paid or unpaid, are exemptible under Florida bankruptcy exemptions. The maximum limit in this category is $500 per week for a maximum period of six months. But, it is important to note that this particular exemption is available only to the head of the family.

Tools Of Trade

Florida is one of those few states that does not allow any types of exemptions for tools of trade.

Public Benefits

You can get 100% exemptions if you are receiving any worker’s compensation, veteran’s benefits, unemployed compensation benefits, and public assistance. Crime victims’ compensation is also exemptible in full provided any of the dischargeable debts that you owe were not used or are not being used for the treatment of injuries occurred during the crime.

Personal Property

100% Florida bankruptcy exemptions are allowed for certain personal properties that include deposits for funeral contract (pre-need), health aids, federal income tax credit/ refund, deposits into hurricane savings account (prepaid), deposits into medical savings account (prepaid), and the deposits into trust for college education (prepaid).

Pension Benefits

Major pension benefits are fully exemptible as per the Florida bankruptcy laws. The debtor can get 100% exemptions for teacher pensions, ERISA-qualified benefits, Roth IRAs, IRAs, police officer pensions, firefighter pensions, county employee and county officers pensions, state employee and state officer pensions, and federal pension exemptions.


Under the miscellaneous category, you get 100% Florida bankruptcy exemptions for any compensation you are receiving injuries while working in hazardous occupations. If you are receiving alimony payments or child support payments, you can get the same exempted up to an amount of money that is reasonable and necessary for support. Here, it is important to note that it is entirely up to the bankruptcy trustee to decide what is reasonable and necessary. However, if you are not satisfied with his/her decision in this regard, you have the legal right to file an appeal ion the court against it.


Fraternal benefit society payments, Illness and disability benefits, cash surrender value in a Life insurance policy, and annuity proceeds (excluding lottery winnings). Death benefits are also exemptible in full provided the payments are not made to deceased’s estate but to a specific beneficiary.


Debtors have the right to file a homestead declaration. As per the state laws, there is no maximum limit on how much equity is exemptible in homestead properties that may include modular home or a mobile home or any other residential property. However, area-wise, you can exempt up to half acre in a municipality and sixty acres in other properties.

Always remember, not bankruptcy cases are treated in the same fashion. The court may order some specific provisions depending upon the factors involved in your case. You are recommended to consult a Florida bankruptcy attorney to find out how you can make the best use of the Florida bankruptcy exemptions.

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