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Correcting Mistakes On Bankruptcy Forms After You Submit Them

There is a specific procedure that you need to follow when it comes to correcting mistakes on bankruptcy forms after you have already submitted them. Considering the very fact that there is an extensive bundle of bankruptcy forms that you need to fill out and submit as part of the process of filing bankruptcy petition and that there is an overwhelming volume of information that you need to provide over there, the mistakes are very much likely no matter how careful you are. Sometimes, people realize those mistakes only after they have already submitted the forms to the court. If you do not take necessary actions to correct those mistakes, it may go against you; in extreme cases (depending upon the mistakes committed), you may even be suspected for bankruptcy fraud. The good news is that the laws give you an option to correct those mistakes even though the forms have already been submitted.

Contact The Clerk Of The Local Bankruptcy Court

When it comes to correcting mistakes on bankruptcy forms, the first thing you have to do is to contact the clerk if the local bankruptcy court where you filed your petition. Tell them that you want to file a motion to amend forms as you have realized there are some mistakes in the forms you have submitted. As part of the process, the clerk will give you some more forms to file the motion. You can find the detailed instructions on the back of those forms on how you need to file such a motion.

Complete The Motion

In the forms that you have to fill out to file the motion to amend the forms you have already submitted, you need to provide the details of specific mistakes you want to correct; you obviously also need to include the correct information to replace the wrong ones. Once you fill out the forms for amendment, you can submit the same to the court. Alternatively, you can simply attach the amended version of the form with correct information along with the motion.

Contact The Trustee

When it comes to correcting mistakes on bankruptcy forms, the next step is to contact the bankruptcy trustee that the court has assigned for your case. Give them a copy of the amended versions of the forms and a copy of the motion that you have filed. A bankruptcy trustee is appointed by the court to look after the various aspects associated with your case on a day to day basis.

Objection Deadline

When you file the motion with the clerk of the local bankruptcy court, you will get an objection deadline. If the trustee or any of the creditors have any objection to the proposed corrections, the objections must be filed within the specified deadline. The creditors are notified of the objection deadline by the clerk of the bankruptcy court. However, you are also supposed to send a copy of the motion along with the attached amendments to the creditors on your own. The objections are quite unlikely if you are honestly just correcting mistakes on bankruptcy forms.

After The Deadline Expires

Do not forget to contact the clerk of the bankruptcy court after the objection deadline expires to find out if any objection has been filed by any party involved in your bankruptcy case. In case, someone files an objection, it will lead to a court hearing, which you must attend and clear your position. It will then be entirely up to the judge to decide whether the corrections or amendments should be allowed or not.

As you can see, the process of correcting mistakes on bankruptcy forms can be a little complicated, especially when someone files an objection to the proposed amendments. Therefore, it may be a nice idea to hire an expert bankruptcy attorney to assist you with the process.

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