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Challenging Negative Credit Report Items

There are certain legal provisions that provide the right to consumers to challenge the negative credit report items if they think those items are not correct or complete in all respect. There are three major credit bureaus in the United States of America that maintain this report that explain how well you are handling your credit. They collect information from all those parties that you are having a financial transaction with, such as your lenders, your credit card company, your landlords, and even the utility serviuce providers. Positive entries on this report means you have been financially very disciplined in handling your debts, such as making timely payments toward your debts and utility bills. Negative entries appear when you fail to demonstrate financial responsibility in connection to your debts and bills. Certain negative items, such as bankruptcies, can even stay for as long as 7-10 years. If you find in your review of the report that certain negative items are not correct, you have the right to file a dispute with the credit bureaus. There is a set procedure that you need to follow in this regard.

Make A List Of The Entries That You Need To Be Removed Or Rectified

When it comes to challenging negative credit report items, the first thing you have to do is to review the entries on your report and check them for errors. Make a list of all those entries on a separate piece of paper that you are going to file dispute for. For this, you will also need an array of other financial documents. For example, you may find a negative entry that says you did not make a timely payment on a certain debt account which is not true. In such cases, you will need to the payment receipt so that you can prove that the entry is not correct and so must be removed.

File An Online Dispute

The fastest and easiest way to challenge negative credit report items is by filling an online dispute. You can do this by visiting the official website of the credit bureaus. In the online application form, you just have to provide some basic information about the entries you are requesting to be corrected or removed, the reason why you are disputing those entries, and other basic details as required.

Wait For 30 Days

As per the laws, the credit bureaus must respond to your dispute application within 30 days. During this period, they will do a thorough investigation, and if they find that your claims are genuine, they will remove or correct the entries, as applicable.

It is quite unfortunate but a fact that most of the times a low credit score is also a result of incorrect entries on credit reports. That is the reason why it is always recommended to review your reports at least once every year. If you do not do so, you may have to suffer the consequences of a low credit score. You must challenge the negative credit report items as and when you find them.

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