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Filling Out Bankruptcy Forms For Chapter 13 Petition

When it comes to filing out bankruptcy forms for chapter 13 petition, it can be a very complicated and highly time consuming task, as there is an overwhelming volume of information that you need to deal with. You must not lose your patience and be willing to invest several hours to complete the forms. You will have to be very careful while providing any information in these forms. Even the smallest of the mistakes may cost you a lot, not only in terms of money but also in terms of the severity of the complications of the process. Besides that, mistakes will also make the process much more time consuming. Though there is a set procedure to correct the mistakes even after you have filed the forms, even that process may sometimes be very complex. That is the reason why it is always advised to get help from an expert lawyer while you are filling out these forms.

Download The Necessary Forms

In order to fill out bankruptcy forms for chapter 13 petition, the first thing you have to do is to obtain the necessary forms that you need to complete for your specific case. You can download the basic forms from the official website of the US courts. However, depending upon the nature of your specific case, the court may also require you to complete some additional forms, which you can download from the official website of the local court.

Online Submission Is Not Allowed

You cannot submit the bankruptcy forms for chapter 13 online. Therefore, you must get all those forms printed on paper and then fill them out by hand. You may have to print several copies of the forms, as it is very much likely that some of them will get spoiled and need corrections. A good idea is to fill out one set of the forms with several corrections if required and then complete another set of forms more carefully by just copying the correct information from the previous set of forms.

Forms B1 To B5

The forms B1 to B5 require you to fill out some very basic information about you (the debtor). Once you submit these forms, it is considered that you have officially declared bankruptcy and an automatic stay will be imposed, which means you cannot be contacted anymore by your creditors for debt collection until a judgment comes out of your petition. In the forms B1 to B5, you also need to acknowledge any fees that you are required to pay as part of the process of filing bankruptcy petition.

Schedule Forms

Once you are through with the above bankruptcy forms for chapter 13, the next thing you have to do is to fill out the schedule forms. The forms B6A to the forms B6J are considered as schedule forms. The bankruptcy court uses the information provided in these schedule forms to determine whether you are eligible to file your petition under chapter 13 of the US bankruptcy code. The kind of information you are required to provide in these schedule forms include the details about the leases, contracts, creditors, exemption claims, and personal properties involved in the judgment.

B9 Forms

You also need to fill out the B9 forms, which tells the court in detail who is filing for bankruptcy, such as whether it is a forced bankruptcy or a voluntary one. In these forms, you also have to make it clear whether you are filing as a partnership firm, a corporation or individual (or whether it is a joint petition by a married couple).

Besides the above bankruptcy forms for chapter 13, the process also requires you to fill some additional forms to certify that whatever information you have provided is accurate and complete in your knowledge. In addition to that, you also need to fill out and submit the Forms B11 to B26 that include the statements of your current income and power of attorney details .

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