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5 Great Alternatives To Pay Day In Advance Loans For Low-Income Consumers

Pay day in advance loans are easy to borrow, but it is no more a hidden truth that they are extremely costly, often something that low-income people cannot afford to repay in time. Not paying the loans off in time forces borrowers to take

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vances and this cycle continues, which eventually traps borrowers into a never ending spiral of debt. Therefore, you are strongly recommended not fall trapped into the lucrative claims that payday loan advertisements make. Payday lenders claim their loan offers as easy and cheap, which is never true. Luckily, there can be an array of better, cheaper alternatives available out there. You just have to look into the right direction – the world you are living in is full of possibilities.

<strong>Sell Off Old Household Items That You No Longer Need </strong>

Selling off old household items is one of the best alternatives to pay day in advance loans. Even if you are a low-income consumer, if you look inside your home, you can easily find plenty of things that have become outdated for you and you no longer use the same, but those things may still have some cash value. This is the time to clean your home and sell off those garbage items. You can do this by selling through yard or garage sales, but obviously, things do not sell off quickly through garage sales. So, you must keep your patience. Alternatively, you can sell those products more quickly through auction websites. You can put them for same day sale. You chances of success are significantly much higher here. Depending upon the items you are selling, you are very much likely to get the money you need within just one to three business days.

<strong>Get An Advance From Your Employer </strong>

Another great alternative for pay day in advance loans is to request your employer to give you a certain part of your salary in advance. After all, this is the very concept payday lending works on. You borrow a small amount of loan for a couple of weeks and promise to repay the same as soon as your salary comes. You are doing a similar thing by requesting an advance from your employer against your salary. You can tell them

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to deduct the advance money thus give from your paycheck. The best thing about this option is that employers seldom charge any interest on such advances.

<strong>Work Overtime </strong>

Your chances of getting an advance from your employer are much higher if you agree to work overtime. In fact, this way, you can save your salary also. You can pay off the advance money borrowed by working overtime only. If luck is not on your side and your employer refuses to give you an advance even against your salary, you can still offer to work overtime provided your employer pays you same day for that.

<strong>Get A Side Job (Same-Day Pay Job)</strong>

Another great alternative to pay day in advance loans is to get a part-time job, especially the one that pays same-day wages. There are plenty of such job opportunities available out there. You can search for the same over Internet or can simply look into your local newspapers.

<strong>Negotiate Payments With Your Creditors If You Need Money To Meet Your Debt Payment Obligations </strong>

If you need money to make payments on other debts, such as on mortgage, car loan or a personal loan, a better strategy is not to borrow new loans at all. You can simply talk to those lenders directly and discus your financial problems with them. Tell them that you are unable to make the repayment because of poor finances and ask them to suggest you a solution. You can also make a proposal on

your own. For example, you can request them to refinance the loan on easier terms where you should be required to make much smaller monthly payments. Alternatively, your lenders may suggest you to make interest-only payments for a few months and then start making the regular payments once your finances get back on track.

Overall, as you can see, there can be several cheaper and safer alternatives to pay day in advance loans. So, stop falling for your temptations and make some wise decisions based on wisdom and


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