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Debt Consolidation For LA Cash Advance Loans – Should You Go For It?

If you are residing in Los Angeles, borrowing multiple LA cash advance loans can trap you into a deep quagmire of debts. But luckily, there are various debt consolidation programs available out there that can help you get out of this quagmire quite safely and in a way that is financially affordable for you. The best thing is that the majority of organizations that offer such debt relief programs for offer no-obligation free counseling also. The first consultation is usually provided free of cost. If you have no idea on how you can deal with your debt problem effectively, you can at least consult those organizations. Their free suggestions may show you a possible solution to your problems regardless of whether you sign up for their programs or not. Following is a brief rundown on some of the various aspects associated with it.

Awareness Regarding Payday Loan Laws Applicable In Los Angeles

Before you contact a debt consolidation firm regarding your LA cash advance debts, you are advised to look into the payday loan laws applicable Los Angeles. As per these laws, payday lenders cannot issue more than $300 in payday loan to a borrower. Besides that, a payday loan borrower cannot have more than one loan at a time. If you have still been offered multiple loans, it is a legal offence on part of your lenders. In such cases, you can file a complaint against your lender with your state authority for payday lending (the California Department of

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Corporations – Financial Services Division, 1515 K Street, Suite 200 Sacramento CA 95814, phone number – (866) 275-2677). You can not be legally obligated to pay interest or other fees on such loans that have been issued to you illegally, but you may still be asked to repay at least the principal amount of money.

Besides that, the amount of interest charged by LA cash advance lenders must not exceed $17.65 on every $100 of loan issued for 14-days. They are not allowed to charge additional fee, such as processing fee or others. You must study your loans thoroughly to find out whether the loans have been issued to you in full compliance with all these laws. If not, you have a big hand for negotiating an affordable deal with your lenders. When you meet a debt consolidation expert and you show your awareness of the laws, you can get some valuable free suggestions. So, get yourself equipped with the right information.

Benefits Of Debt Consolidation

Even if you owe thousands of dollars in LA cash advance debts, a suitable debt consolidation program can help you get out of your debts while still allowing you to work on to bring your finances back on the right track. You can be benefitted in an array of ways. For example, participating in a Los Angeles debt consolidation program can save you from falling into the bankruptcy protection trap. You no more have to deal with your creditors on your own; your debt consolidation expert represents you and does all the dealing on your behalf in a very professional way. As part of this program, you get an opportunity to make a small amount of payment every month and to

pay off the entire debt within a certain number of months. Since you already start making payments toward

your debts as per the new consolidation plan, your lenders also stop all their collection activities. You do not receive any collection calls any more. The biggest advantage of consolidating LA cash advance debts is that it reduces the overall debt burden, as your lenders agree to write off a big chunk of your debts. A suitable debt consolidation program can eliminate half of your debts right away and you can repay the remaining amount in easy installments.

When you choose the right company for debt consolidation of LA cash advance debts, you can even get professional assistance in managing your finances. The expert appointed to look after your case also helps you to prepare and implement a budget so that you can regain control of your finances and do not fall into another debt trap in future.

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