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“Yeah, I think a lot of people have said we’ve been playing quite bad or boring, but I don’t think that’s true,” Grant said.

“I think it’s a matter of us not taking our chances and if we can finish off the those chances it changes the whole game.”

Grant said there wasn’t a bigger insult you Superfly CR7 AG could hand to a footballer than to call them boring. He said it was simplistic and inaccurate to look simply at Sydney’s recent goal total , just three in their last five games, and form a view based on that.

“That’s the last thing you want to hear, that you’re being boring, as an individual or as a team,” Grant said.

“It’s not the best, but like I said if we had scored from some of those chances we’ve been missing we end up winning the games two or three-nil.

“You can see, MercurialX U11 especially in our last couple of games, we had the chances to win those games and if we can start finishing off chances it will change people’s view of the whole Superfly CR7 Black US6.5 thing and we’ll go up the table.”

Grant said if Sydney weren’t creating chances then calling them boring would be a legitimate criticism.

“I feel we have great periods of play in the 90 minutes and especially last weekend (in the 1-1 draw with Wellington Phoenix) I thought we dominated the majority of the game,” he said.

“If the chances had gone in we could have won and it changes the whole outlook on the game and the way people think, but it’s a matter of that coming together for us.”

Asked if he had ever been accused of being boring before, in football or in life, Grant laughed and replied: “Definitely not in life, although, actually, maybe a few times, a few insults!

“It’s not nice to hear people say you’re playing boring football, but that’s what makes football the great sport that it is – everyone’s got an opinion.”

Grant said the Sydney players were in an appropriate mood at Christmas and were looking forward to Saturday’s game against Central Coast Mariners at Allianz Stadium.

Mariners are the only team Sydney have scored more than two goals against this season. Sydney beat them 3-1 in round four. The only other time Sydney Superfly CR7 Gold US9.5 have scored at least two goals in a match was in a 4-2 loss to Melbourne Victory in round six.

“All the boys are still bright and bubbly and it’s that time of year, around Christmas, when everyone’s in a good mood,” Grant said.

“The results haven’t been the best, but we’re still sitting quite comfortably on the table in fourth spot so there’s no real need for dramas or anything. Hopefully we’ll get the three points on Boxing Day.”

Grant said it naturally took time for new players in the front third to gel and that Sydney have also changed their system, with full-backs getting forward even more since the departure of dynamic young winger Bernie Ibini at the end of last season.

“The way ‘Arnie’ (coach Graham Arnold) likes to play, the fullbacks are very much involved in getting forward, which as a fullback myself I enjoy,” he said.

“And young Alex Gersbach is very good going forward, so it makes sense that we’re involved more.

“It’s not a lot different to last year, but Bernie was obviously a great player and could create something out Superfly CR7 sliver US10 wide, so there wasn’t as much need for the fullbacks to go forward.”

Grant said Arnold was his usual self going into the Mariners game.

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