Starting A Bankruptcy Forms Processing Service

As per the US bankruptcy, it is quite legal for anybody to offer bankruptcy forms processing service to businesses as well as to individuals who are considering filing bankruptcy petitions. However, the laws have set forth certain parameters which the service provider must operate in. There are certain strategies that you need to work on if you are also considering starting this business. The most important thing is that you need to make sure that whatever you are doing is in the full compliance with the laws applicable in this regard. Following are some of the very basic steps that you need to follow in this regard.

Complete A Training Program

When it comes to starting a bankruptcy forms processing service, the first thing you have to do is to get yourself enrolled in a specific training program. With the increasing demands for such services in the market, many organizations have now started different types of training programs for those who are interested in offering such service. It is important to note that the US bankruptcy code does not require you to get any certificate or attend any training program in order to be able to start this service, but you are still recommended to complete this program, as it will help you get well prepared before you jump into this profession.

Get Form Templates

If you want to provide bankruptcy forms processing service, you must have the templates for the different types of bankruptcy forms that people need to fill out and submit as part of the process of bankruptcy petition under different chapters of the US bankruptcy code. You can download the templates from the official website of the US courts and from the official websites of the various local courts. You can download the forms free of cost. Alternatively, you can also consider buying software programs that provide all these templates at one place, accessible at just a click of your mouse.

Increase Your Knowledge About The Us Bankruptcy Code

Since you are considering starting a bankruptcy forms processing service, your clients will expect you to have a thorough knowledge of the US bankruptcy code. Though you do not necessary have to study law and become a lawyer for it, you must at least gather as much knowledge as you can about all those legal provisions and regulations that are related to filling out and submitting different bankruptcy forms. You must also have a thorough knowledge of the rules applicable in the bankruptcy court in your area. You can get detailed information about those rules by contacting the clerk of the court. You may also request them to provide you copies of the documents that enlist those rules.

Your Task Is Not To Give Legal Advice

While you are working on your strategies to start a bankruptcy forms processing service, it is very important for you to keep in mind that your role as a service provider is just to assist the applicants in filling out and submitting the necessary bankruptcy forms for their case. You are not supposed to give legal advice to your clients. You are not a lawyer; you are just a bankruptcy forms preparer. If you still indulge in such acts and start giving legal advice to your clients, you may have to pay certain penalty charges.

Once you are through with your preparation, you can build a website and do some online and offline promotion for your business. In this age of Internet, the majority of people access Internet when they have to fill out a bankruptcy petition. Therefore, an impressive online presence is crucial for the success of your bankruptcy forms processing service business.

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