Obtaining Bankruptcy Discharge Papers

When you are declared bankrupt by the court, you usually are provided with bankruptcy discharge papers. But, if because of some reasons, you have not received these papers, there are several ways to get new copies of the same. These papers include the details of all those debts that you no longer owe, which means those debts have been discharged as part of the bankruptcy. You are advised to keep these papers with you, as you may need them in future, such as when a future employer or a lender wants to see them. The process that you have to follow to get new copies of these papers is not a very time consuming one. If you follow it the right way, it should not take too long. Following is a brief rundown on how to go about it.

Contact The Nearest Branch Of The Us Bankruptcy Court

When it comes to obtaining bankruptcy discharge papers, the first thing you have to do is to find the nearest branch of the US bankruptcy court. It does not matter whether you have filed your petition in this jurisdiction or not, as long as it is just about getting those papers, you can get the same through the closest branch. If you do not know which branch is the closest from your location, you can get the details by visiting the official website of the United States Bankruptcy Court.

Use A Courthouse Kiosk Or Use The Clerk’s Services

When you visit the nearest branch of the US bankruptcy court, you can request the court clerk to help you obtain the copies of bankruptcy discharge papers. They will ask you to provide some basic information regarding your bankruptcy case, such as the name of the debtor (your name), the court where the petition was filed, the date of filing, and the date when the bankruptcy was awarded to you by the court. The more information you provide about your case, the faster you will be able to get the copies. If the court clerk is unable to help you, you can request them to point you to a courthouse kiosk.

Pay The Fees

You may be asked to pay a certain amount of money as fee for the new copies of bankruptcy discharge papers. In general, this payment must be made in cash, as private citizens are not allowed to pay through personal checks. Besides that, credit card payments are also not accepted in bankruptcy courts. At present, the fee is $.10 to $.50 per page.

Visit The PACER Website

If you do not want to go for the above procedure, an alternative method is to visit the PACER website, where you will first have to register and open an account. You can access the papers on your computer screen. Here again, you will be asked to pay a certain amount of fee, which is currently $.08 per page. You can then get the pages printed on paper. Here, you do not have an option to pay the fee in cash. You can make the payments through debit or credit cards.

Overall, as you can see in the above paragraphs, the procedure to get new copies of bankruptcy discharge papers is not a very difficult one provided you know where to look out for.

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  1. bill says:

    Bankruptcy can be named as a set of some very complicated procedures which affect a person not only physically but mentally also. Once you have declared bankrupt, you must collect bankruptcy discharge papers which is the most important document and will prove to be very beneficial for you in coming future. If you have not got the discharge papers you should try to get these papers as early as possible because your future employer or lender can demand these papers from you. The process of getting these papers is very simple you can find the nearest branch of bankruptcy court after that you have to follow a certain procedure like submitting some official documents or any other information they want from you. It will be easy to understand the proceedings if you can contact the dealing man or clerk in the office. They will ask you simple questions like date of bankruptcy case, your name, area of jurisdiction. Once you provide all the data to them they will start their functioning. A very reasonable amount of fee will also required to pay them which must be given by cash or by cheque only. Though the process is not a critical one yet it is time consuming if you want to save your time also. You can open an account on PACER website and can get the discharge papers printed on papers.

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