Missouri Bankruptcy Exemptions

Missouri bankruptcy exemptions are mandatory for debtors who get bankrupt in the state of Missouri under chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code, which means federal set of exemptions cannot be used in replacement. But yes, like with any other state, you can use federal supplement exemptions additionally.


If you are head of household, you can exempt a maximum of $1,250; besides that, you are also allowed to exempt an additional $350 (maximum limit) per child. On the other hand, if you are not the head of household, you will be able to exempt any property up to a maximum value of $600.


Servant or common laborer can exempt a maximum value of $90 in aggregate total in wages. Other debtors can exempt either at least thirty times the minimum federal hourly wage or a minimum 90% (for head of household) or 75% (for non-head of household) of unpaid but earned wages, whichever is higher. However, low-income debtors may qualify for higher Missouri bankruptcy exemptions in this category if the judge orders.

Tools Of Trade

A maximum of $3000 (aggregate total) can be exempted in books, implements, and other tools of your trade.

Public Benefits

You can avail 100% Missouri bankruptcy exemptions for certain types of public benefits that include Crime victim’s compensation benefits, Veteran’s benefits, Social Security benefits, Public assistance benefits, Unemployment compensation benefits, and Workers compensation benefits.

Personal Property

- Recoveries for wrongful death of person if the debtor was dependent on the deceased
- If a professional health care provider has prescribed certain health aids in your name, that can be exempted in full
- A maximum of $3000 of equity in motor vehicles
- A maximum of $500 on jewelry (other than wedding rings)
- A maximum of $1500 on wedding rings
- A maximum of $3000 (aggregate total) on crops, animals, musical instruments, books, clothing, appliances, furnishings, and other household goods.
- A maximum of one acre (and up to $100 in value) of burial grounds


Missouri bankruptcy exemptions can be availed in full for the following pensions.

- Retirement accounts, ERISA qualified benefits, Roth IRAs, and IRAs (up to an extent that is reasonably needed for support)
- Employee benefit spendthrift trust
- Teacher pensions
- State employee pensions
- Pensions for employees of transportation and highway departments
- Firefighter pensions
- Police department employee pensions
- Public officer and employee pensions
- Pensions of those employees that reside in towns with a population of at least 100,000
- Federal pension exemptions


- A maximum of $750 every month for alimony or child support
- 100% of any property that belongs to a business partnership


Following Missouri bankruptcy exemptions are available in this category.

- If you certain life insurance policies were purchased over 18 days prior to filing bankruptcy petition, you can exempt a maximum of $150,000 for interest or dividends on those policies.
- Likewise, fraternal benefit society benefits can be exempted up to a maximum value of $5000 provided the policies were bought over 180 days prior to bankruptcy filing.
- Disability or illness benefits – 100%
- Life insurance policy (un-matured) – 100%
- Stipulated insurance premiums – 100%
- Life insurance assessment plan or proceeds – 100%
- Life insurance proceeds (Provided the policy holder is an unmarried woman and the beneficiaries are her brother or her father)
- Life insurance proceeds (Provided the policy holder is a married woman and the beneficiaries is her husband)


Missouri bankruptcy exemptions for homestead properties are as follows.

- Single or joint owners can exempt a maximum of $5000 in mobile home.
- Single or joint owners can exempt a maximum of $15000 in real property.

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  1. Martin says:

    Very brilliant. After reading this article, it is sure to determine the complete information about Missouri. Missouri State does not allow its debtors to use federal set of exemptions in the place of state specific exemptions. It is true that federal supplement exemptions can be combined with the state specific exemptions. You can get the exemptions under wild card category. You can get the additional exemptions for your children also. In tools of trade category, boos or any other tools can be exempted up to a maximum certain limit. Different type of public benefits can get 100% bankruptcy exemptions, like unemployment compensation benefits, Veteran’s benefits etc. Some specific categories of public property and pensions are also exempted with some specified percentage. A certain amount which is being taken as alimony or some sort of specific property can get exempted under the category of miscellaneous. Some type of insurance policies can be exempted but the categories should be specified uniquely. Homestead properties can also be exempted under different categories. Bankruptcy exemptions should be studies thoroughly to get the full benefit.

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