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Kitchen Remodeling On A Budget – A Step-By-Step Guide

Kitchen is a crucial part of any home but it is also one of the most expensive rooms. Therefore, when it comes to kitchen remodeling on a budget, you will have to wok on a proper planning, as there are so many things that you need to look after. Just because you are working on a strict budgeting plan, it does not mean that you cannot have a beautiful kitchen. The task of remodeling does not always have to be an expensive one and there is just no need to break your bank. You can achieve great results without spending a fortune.

Choose An Appropriate Theme

The first thing you have to do is to choose an appropriate theme and then try to come up with the kind of design elements you want on the basis of the theme you have selected. At present, both rustic kitchen themes and an ultra modern contemporary kitchen are very popular. If you are looking for an ultra high tech modern kitchen, the retro 50s kitchen theme can be a good choice. Make sure you spend quality time for this task, as it requires you to do a lot of brainstorming. It will be a nice idea to do your research by visiting design websites and magazines, as this way, you will be able to come up with some great ideas for kitchen remodeling on a budget, whether it is about color, fixtures, or accessories.

Paint The Walls With A Different Color

A great way to give your kitchen a fresh new look is to paint the walls with a different color. Use your creativity here and try to think out of the box. As per experts, mixing colors for contrast is the best kitchen color trend. So, you may like to go with the avant garde colors. You can get some cost-effective color edge inspiration by reading the free guide available at the various paint-manufacturers websites. You may like to go with the red or purple or other ethnic colors and then can achieve a more modern look by using florescent burst of color to contrast earth tones. Another popular choice is to go with the combination of green and brown and other such nature based hues.

Purchase New Hardware

When it comes to kitchen remodeling on a budget, you do not need to change the entire set. You can simply buy some new pieces of hardware and fixtures, such as new faucets, new cabinet knobs, and other such things. This way, you can easily achieve a new look for the entire kitchen without spending much.

Change The Ceiling Fans And Lightings

You can make things look more attractive and afresh by replacing your old clueing fan with a new one. Besides that, you should also consider installing new kitchen lighting. But, whatever changes you are introducing, make sure it blends well with your chosen theme.

Change The Floor

Though it can be an expensive option to consider for kitchen remodeling on a budget, but if you really want to do this, you can save a great deal of money by choosing to lay the tiles yourself. If you do not know how to do that, you can attend free workshops that stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s often organize.

Hang New Curtains

Creative window treatments and hanging new curtains are some other things that you may like to try. Just make sure the new curtains complement the new kitchen design.

Overall, if you keep in mind the above things and use think a little out of the box, you can easily achieve great results by doing kitchen remodeling on a budget.

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  1. John says:

    Any home can not be called complete without a kitchen. Kitchen is an important part of every home. Any family can not survive without a kitchen for even a single day. Any body who wants to remodel his / her kitchen but with limited finance can do with some extra caution. First of all you must have a clear picture in your mind what you want to do with your kitchen. Then, you can select a theme which may be from today’s culture or from some years back. Theme selection will play a crucial role so be careful you can talk to your family members also. The color on walls can change your mood and the atmosphere of the family, mixing of two opposite colors is also a great idea. The color scheme can also be chose from cost effective departmental store so that you can save something. There is no need to change each and every thing of your kitchen, some cupboards, cabinets can still go. You can give them a new look with some touch ups etc. Lighting can be replaced with some new piece of lightnings and ceiling fan can also be replaced with a new one. Flooring change can be done by yourself with some extra effort and your kitchen will look like a new brand ultra high teck kitchen that too within the budget.

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