Kansas Bankruptcy Exemptions

Kansas bankruptcy exemptions do not allow you to exempt any personal property under the wildcard category. It is also mandatory for the debtors who are getting bankrupt to accept the state-specific exemptions; they cannot replace the same with the federal set of exemptions. However, like in any other state, you can use the federal supplemental exemptions in addition to exemptions allowed by the state laws.


Though the state laws have specified a certain maximum limit in this category, the judge has the right to allow low-income debtors to exempt more than the maximum exemption limit for wages, which is either thirty-time of the minimum federal hourly wage per week or seventy-five percent of disposable weekly wages, whichever is higher.

Tools Of Your Trade

Kansas bankruptcy exemptions are also available for certain tools of trade, such as equipment, arms and uniforms of National Guards. Other debtors can get up to $7500 (aggregate total) of exemption in this category for things like stock, grain, seed, breeding stock, equipment, instruments furniture, documents, and books.

Public Benefits

Veterans Benefits, Worker’s compensation benefits, Unemployment compensation, Social security, General Assistance, and Crime victims’ compensation are exemptible in full.

Personal Property

- If you have a specific motor vehicle equipped or designed for a disabled person, you can keep it. For other types of vehicles, you can exempt equity (not the current sales value of the vehicle) of up to $20000.
- A maximum value of $1000 (aggregate total) can be exempted in jewelry and other articles of adornment.
- 100% Kansas bankruptcy exemptions are available for Furnishings and household equipment, Funeral plan prepayments, and Burial Plot or Crypt.
- Besides that, you can also keep clothing and food and fuel up to an extent that is needed for twelve months.


State school employees, State highway patrol officers, Public employees, Judges, Police officers, and Firefighters can get their pension benefits exempted in full. Elected and appointed officials in cities with populations between less than 200,000 and more than 120,000 can also keep their pension benefits. Besides that, you can also keep your Roth IRAs, IRAs, and other ERISA-qualified benefits. Federal govt. pension is also exemptible but only up to the extent that is needed for support.


100% Kansas bankruptcy exemptions can be availed in the miscellaneous category for child support payments, Alimony payments and Liquor Licenses.


Life insurance proceeds, Fraternal benefit society benefits, and Disability or illness benefit are exemptible in full. It is however important to note that you may not be able to exempt the cash value of life insurance if the policy was signed within twelve months before bankruptcy with fraudulent intent.


Homestead properties that can be considered for exemptions include mobile homes or other real properties that you are using for residential purpose. There is no maximum limit for exemptions in terms of its equity value, but the area of the homestead properties exemptible under Kansas bankruptcy exemptions must not exceed 160 acres on farm and one acre in city or town.

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  1. john says:

    Very interesting and informative tips. Bankruptcy is a very difficult process. It is complicated to understand the whole processing’s of insolvency. Being a bankrupt hurts a person physically as well as mentally also. Kansas bankruptcy exemptions specified the wages for low income debtors; they can be exempted thirty times of the minimum wages per week. Kansas does not exempt your personal property under wild card category and it is also compulsory for the borrowers to accept the Kansas exemptions, it can not be replaced with the Federal set of exemptions. The tools can be exempted like the equipments; some specific tools which are used in doing some special task will be exempted. If you are getting any benefits like unemployment benefits or crime victim’s compensation, it will be also exempted fully. If you are getting any pensions it will be exempted. Kansas exempts the personal property such as Burial plot or crypt and furnishings and house equipments to 100%. The exemptions will also be given for the food and clothing and fuel toa certain limit. So we can say Kansas is giving some relief to a person suffering from the traumatic experience of Bankruptcy.

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