“It looks like there is a majority of people who don’t think like Griffin, but, unfo

Dodd, who enjoyed a fine career of almost 20 years in the A-League and the National Soccer League, revealed he had been racially abused by a rival player very early on in his senior career but never had any complaints with the behaviour of football crowds towards him.

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“In terms of racial abuse I’m glad to say I went through pretty much my whole career without it,” Dodd told The World Game.

“There was one incident when I was young and first started playing at the senior level, before the A-League, and a player called me a black c—.

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“It wasn’t as big an issue then. I reported it, but nothing ended up happening. It may have been more common and more accepted then, I’m not sure, but if that happens (on the field) now in any sport people won’t stand for that abuse and they come down hard on them.”

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Dodd didn’t hesitate to make his opinion known in reaction to former Brisbane Roar and current Heidelberg United player Griffin McMaster’s tweet on Wednesday that: “Adam Goodes calls Australia Day invasion day … Deport him … If you don’t like it leave.”

His reaction to that and other tweets from McMaster on the same subject was to himself tweet: “There are very few things that get me wound up on here, but @griffinmcmaster’s shit on here today makes my blood boil.”The World Game spoke to Dodd for his wider perspective on the issue of Sydney Swans star Goodes and crowd abuse and McMaster’s comments on social media.

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“His (McMaster’s) stuff saying Australia bends over for the indigenous – free interest loans and uni degrees – it’s just such a naive and moronic comment,” Dodd said.

“He said they ‘even said sorry’, but I wonder if he even knows what that apology was for. He’s got to understand that generations and generations of indigenous people are either part of or related to the stolen generation.

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“My grandfather passed a couple of weeks ago and my dad told a story at his funeral that my grandfather and grandmother were given cards by white people that basically said the bearer of this card gives up their right – gives up their Aboriginality.

“Whatever Adam Goodes’ family may have been through and how that’s affected him might be very significant to him and his family, so for Griffin to play it down like it was nothing – it’s frustrating.

“It looks like there is a majority of people who don’t think like Griffin, but, unfortunately, judging by the response on Twitter, there are some people who do feel like that. It’s frustrating, but I guess it’s part of society as a whole.”

Asked what he thought was going on between AFL crowds and Goodes, in terms of why he was constantly booed and jeered, Dodd said “it’s a hard one to really put your finger on”.

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