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How To Identify A Legitimate Credit Card Debt Consolidation Company?

Considering the very fact that there are plenty of companies out there in the market that are offering a wide array of consolidation services for those consumers who are trapped in credit card debts, it often turns out to be a daunting task to choose a legitimate credit card debt consolidation company. However, if you keep in mind the following things and follow the set procedure with the right approach, you make this task a much easier one. The process entails serious research and comparison-shopping. Following is a brief rundown on how to go about it.

Check Their Contact Details

The first thing you have to do is to check if the contact details, such as their business phone number and address, they have provided are correct. If no one picks up your call, this is obviously not the right company for you.

Companies With P.O. Box Address

If you are looking out for a legitimate credit card debt consolidation company, you are also recommended to avoid those companies that are running their businesses through a P.O. Box address (as its corporate address). A genuine, reputable company must have a physical address.

Answering Machine

Likewise, you must also stay away from those companies that do not allow you to talk directly about your debts. For example, many unscrupulous companies ask you to leave a message on an automated answering machine. You can trust such companies to provide you genuine debt relief solutions.


In order to be on a safe side, you are also advised to check if the companies you are researching have membership of certain business associations or business directories. A legitimate credit card debt consolidation company will always provide such information through its official website. Contact the associations or directories to check if the information provided on their website is correct.


There are certain laws in every state of the United States of America that these companies must follow. For example, they must not involve in this type of business practices unless they have obtained a proper license from the right authority. Therefore, do not forget to check if they are duly licensed to operate such businesses in your state. Even if it is an Internet-based company is located in another state, if they agree to handle your case, they must follow the laws applicable in your state.

Last, but not the least, while you are doing your research to find a legitimate credit card debt consolidation company, you must also check their past records to see if there have been consumer complaints against them. You can access their past records by contacting the Consumer Affair Department or the Better Business Bureau. A company that is not registered with BBB is usually not the one you can trust.

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  1. Sams says:

    The characteristics of a legitimate credit card debt consolidation company are given in this article and that too in a very impressive way. There are so many companies present in the market and it is not at all an easy task to find out a reputable and genuine company from them. First of all the company must have a license for providing their services in a particular state, even an internet based company will have to follow the laws of your state whether it is situated in your state or not.. Some companies mention their P.O Box Address, but it is good to avoid such companies, the company should always mention its physical address. The membership of some reputable business associations can also show the reputation of a particular company. The company should have provided its customers with their phone number and address and if no one is there to pick your call it means the company is not a legitimate one. The company professional should ask you to leave a message on an automated answering machine, if they do so there may be any fraud behind this. You may be able to know the history of a company by the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Affair Department.

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