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How To Distinguish Legitimate Online Payday Cash Loans From Loan Scams?

Though it is true that payday lending has been banned in only sixteen states in the United States of America and that it is still legal in the rest of the states, it is also true at the same time that it is very difficult to distinguish legitimate online payday cash loans from loan scams that are so prevalent in the world of Internet. Therefore, if you are in need of extra cash and are planning to apply for an instant short-term cash advance from an online payday loan company, you have to be very careful. First things first, payday loans never make a wise financial decision because of the extremely high rate of interest that lenders charge on these small amount of loans that are issued for a very short period of time. But, if you must borrow it (probably because you are unable to find any better alternative), you are strongly recommended to do your calculations beforehand; you must have a fool-proof plan to ensure timely repayment of the loan. Always remember, payday debts multiply very fast when they are not paid for a long time. Even if you are certain that you are financially capable enough to repay the loans in time, you must first do a thorough research to find out a legitimate payday lender. Following are some of the key points, where you should pay your attention to in order to ensure that you do not lose money to loan scams.

Search About The Company On Google With The Word “Scam”

When it comes to distinguishing genuine online payday cash loans from scams, the best thing you can do is to search for the name of the lender in question along with the word “scam” and/or “consumer complaints”. The community of online users is very active for these sorts of things; they love to discuss and share their opinions on Internet. For example, if there are consumers who have already been scammed by some payday lenders, you can easily find a lot of information in the search

results. These sorts of information are usually available under web forums, blogs and other websites.

Check The Payday Loan Laws In Your State

While you are hunting for the best online payday cash loans, you must also keep in mind that many states have already banned these types of loans while many others have imposed strict restrictions regarding the interest rates and overall cost of the loan. The more informed you are about the laws in your state, the better you will be able to decide which companies are violating the laws and which ones are operating their business in accordance with your state laws. For example, if you are a resident of Georgia, it is illegal for payday lenders (regardless of which part of the world their offices are located at) to issue a payday cash advance to you because this form of lending is legally prohibited in your state. Thus, all those companies that are trying to issue you a loan despite the fact that you belong to a state where payday loans are illegal are nothing but scams.

Last, but not the least, if you are lucky enough to find legitimate lenders for online payday cash loans, you are still recommended to verify the details that they provide on their official websites with the records maintained by reputable organizations, such as the office of your State Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau.

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