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How To Choose The Best Payday Loan Debt Consolidation Attorney?

If you are considering hiring a payday loan debt consolidation attorney, there are several things that you must take into your careful consideration. Since the legal aspects of payday lending plays a crucial role in making an informed decision about the most suitable debt relief program, the services of an attorney who specializes in the payday loan laws applicable in your state can prove to be very helpful. These attorneys will educate you about your legal rights and options. If the lenders are violating the laws, the attorney will guide you on how to deal with the situation in the most efficient manner. Following is a brief rundown on how to choose the best attorney to consolidate your payday loan debts.

Contact The Bar Association Of Your State

Obviously, the best place to find a payday loan debt consolidation attorney is your state’s bar association. You can contact the association and request them to provide you a detailed list of the attorneys specializing in handling payday debt problems. The member attorneys of this association are duly licensed ones.

Check Their Reputation With The Better Business Bureau

You are advised to hire an attorney who is also a member of the better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB maintains records of their registered members. You can do a thorough background check about the payday loan debt consolidation attorney in question by going through their past records. These records will tell you how successful they have been in their services and whether there have been complaints against them. A thorough review of the records kept with the BBB will help you shortlist some reputable attorneys.


Attorneys do not provide their services free of cost. Since you are already going through a serious financial hardship, the last thing you want is to add more pain to your already over-flowing glass of troubles. Therefore, you are advised to review the terms and conditions about their fees thoroughly in advance. It is important to note that the new payday loan debt consolidation laws apply to these attorneys also. It means they must not charge their fee upfront and they must disclose all the terms and conditions clearly in a written agreement.

Last, but probably the most important thing is to find out how much money the payday loan debt consolidation attorney you are considering hiring can help you save on your debts. As per the new laws, they must disclose it in their written contract. If they fail to save as much amount of money as they promise, you can take legal actions against them.

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