How correctly to write an abstract

Sample of the title page The design of the title page write my essay for me cheap is usually regulated by each institution individually. Its approximate structure: the top line: Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation; further: the full name of the university; the instruction of the department; through 2 lines – the word ABSTRACT in capital letters; a separate line: “on the topic:”; Message subject; author (course, group, name); scientific director; place and date (year) of work performance. Other features that should be considered when writing an abstract: · The text should not simply be rewritten from the source. The abstract uses a meaningful presentation of the source material in its own words. It is allowed to use direct or indirect quotations referring to the source, but they should not be too large. · After finishing the essay, it should be re-read, eliminate errors of any kind (spelling, stylistic, punctuation) and only after that give for verification.

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