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Follow These Suggestions While You Talk To Debt Collectors On Phone

There can be situations when you may have to talk to debt collectors. The debt collection experts use an array of strategies to catch off guard. They will try to intimidate you in several ways. Therefore, it is very important for you to learn how to handle them tactfully. Many debtors prefer to avoid such calls, which is not the right strategy. After all, the laws have provided you certain legal rights and you must know how to use the same to protect you against such harassment. Always remember, just because you are unable to repay the debts, you have not done any crime. They may threaten you that they will send you to jail. You do not need to get scared of such threats. Following is a brief rundown on some of the tips and suggestions that you will find useful when it comes to dealing with debt collectors, especially on phone.

Have A Calm Head

When you talk to debt collectors, you need to have a calm head. They often call you with your first name when they give you a phone call. They do this as part of their strategy, as this way, you may start assuming that they know a lot of things about you while the truth is that they often know very few things about you but pretend as if they know everything. Therefore, even if they are calling you by name and you have received their calls before, you should always start with “who is calling?”. Let them explain who they are. They will obviously get irritated and as a result may sometimes try to abuse you because of this. This is a great opportunity for you; see the step two to know how.

Record The Calls

When you talk to debt collectors, you should consider recording the conversation. The majority of states allow you to record phone conversations without requiring you to get permission from the caller on the other end. However, there are a few states that require you to get permission first. You can take this permission just by informing the caller on the other end that you are recording the conversation. The next time when the debt collectors call you and they start abusing you, just let them know that you are recording whatever language they are using for you. This will put an instant break on their abuses. If you are living in a state where you don’t need to take permission to record phone conversation, you do not even need to inform the debt collector about it. You can give them a surprise when the next time they call by telling them that now you have proof of harassment and that you are going to sue them for it.

Always Ask For Proof Of Debt

When you talk to debt collectors, you should also ask them to provide the proof of debt. Even if the debts are legitimate ones and the statute of limitations has not yet passed, many times collection agencies fail to provide the proof. This can especially be beneficial to you if they have already filed a civil lawsuit against you in the court. When you receive the summons, file a motion with the court and request them to ask the creditors or the collection agencies to provide the proof of debt. If they fail to do so within 30 days after receiving the notice, the lawsuit gets dismissed automatically.

Overall, when you use the above strategies when you talk to debt collectors, the caller on the other end will get a very clear idea that they are talking to an informed consumer who is well aware of their legal rights and that it is better not to harass them.

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