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Do You Have That Strong Dose of Self-discipline to Consolidate and Pay off Payday Loan Debt?

Getting out of payday loan debt is not at all an easy task, especially if you owe multiple loans from different lenders. You keep on taking new cash advances to pay off the previous ones. You keep on missing the due dates, which awards you with huge penalties and eventually pushes you deeper into the quagmire of debts; it soon becomes a viscous cycle, leaving you clueless on how to get out of it. Bankruptcy may seem like an easy option, but if you are aware of the negative side of it, you will probably try to avoid that also. So, what exactly should you do? You need just one thing – a strong dose of self-discipline, especially in financial matters. If you have that, you can easily implement this proven plan for that will definitely show you the way on how to get rid of the mounting debts.

Just Because You Have Access to Easy Credit, It Doesn’t Mean You Must Use It

I know you have that plastic money, your credit card, in your wallet. You can buy just anything and keep on making the minimum payments and feel safe in your comfort zone, without realizing the monster of debt is taking its horrible shape just behind your back. The time when you realize this, it is often too late, or at least, it seems like that. Don’t panic; it is not the end of life. You can always regain the control of your finances if you have the right approach with strong self-discipline. To start with, hide your credit cards at places where no one can access it, not even you. Use cash. It will show you the real picture and you will be able to handle payday loan debt in a much better way. The key point is to stop acquiring more debt.

Consolidate All Your Loans into One Big Loan

The next step is to find a debt consolidation company or just a bank or any financial institution that is willing to offer you a one big loan consolidating all your dues that you towards different payday lenders. The idea here is to get rid of harassing collection calls that are actually making your life more miserable. Once you are through with this step, you will have great peace of mind; you will be in a situation to plan your future course of action to payoff payday loan debt.

Bite the Bullet Together with Your Spouse

There’s no prize for guessing that this option is for those who are married. You are going through a crisis, where you do not just need a financial plan; you also need emotional support. So, if your partner is with you on this battle to fight against debt, the road will become much smoother for you. If you choose to go alone, you are probably risking defeat.

These three steps will prepare a strong base for you. You can then do some careful budgeting to cut down the expenses; even if it means living a frugal life, do that. Once you pay off your payday loan debt completely and gain control of your finances, you can redesign your life the way you want. It is just a temporary phase, which will definitely go away if you have that strong dose of determined commitment and self discipline. Try , if it does not help.

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One Response to “Do You Have That Strong Dose of Self-discipline to Consolidate and Pay off Payday Loan Debt?”

  1. albert says:

    Multiple loans with multiple repayments, once you have a single default, your amount will become a sky-high with interest deposited in the premium money. The rate of interest is quite high in such type of payday loan and a person who depends upon the pay cheque appears to be helpless in front of big mountain of debt. The solution lies with in yourself; it’s only your willpower which can take you away from this situation safely. First of all you have to avoid shopping with credit cards. Make a proper budget with a list of shopping items and strictly follow the list while you go to shop. Include all your family members, your life partner into your plan of budgeting. The article gives a very wonderful idea to consolidate all the loans into one big loan. Any individual having so many loans can consolidate these loans; many companies are working in this field. You can research for the best one for you and can make your life little easy. Paying a single installment to the company will be easy and the chances of missing the due date will be minimized. It is good to make your life easy with consolidate pay loan and strict financial discipline.

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