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How To Get Damaged Entries Removed From Your Credit Report?

In order to get damaged entries removed successfully from your credit report, you have to follow a certain procedure. But, before you proceed with your actions, it is very important for you to first make yourself well aware of the specific terminologies and symbols that credit report bureaus use. You can do this by studying the instructions that are provided on the back of the report. When it comes to filing a dispute, you may be required to use certain symbols or specific terminologies to convey your message clearly. So, make sure you have a thorough understanding what each symbol used in your report means. If you are confused with a specific symbol or terminology, you can get things clarified by calling the number provided on your report.

Prepare A List Of Damaged Entries

When it comes to getting damaged entries removed from your credit report, the first thing you have to do is to make a list of all those entries that are incorrect, inaccurate, or just untrue. The list must also include all those entries that are partially correct, but not complete.

Give A Call To The Credit Bureau

The next thing you have to do is to give a call to your credit bureau and talk to the relevant authority. Make sure you are talking to the appropriate person. Ask their name and designation before you make further enquiry about your credit report. Tell him/her that you have noted some errors in the report and that you want to dispute those entries and so you want him/her to send you a “dispute form”.

Do Not Believe Verbal Assurances

When you call the credit bureau agency to get the wrong entries removed from your credit report, the authority you are talking to sometimes start giving you verbal assurances that they will look into the matter themselves and there is no need to file a dispute. It is very important for you to keep in mind that credit bureaus never start any dispute investigation without receiving your written appeal for it. Even if they know that certain entries are wrong, they are not going to do anything on their own. Therefore, do not fall prey for such false verbal assurances.

Fill Out And Submit The Dispute Form

When you receive the dispute form (alternatively, you can also download it from internet), you should fill it out carefully, making sure that you have provided all the details and that you have used the right symbols and terminologies. If the dispute form is incomplete or not filled properly, no action will take place. You are also recommended to attach relevant documents and receipts in order to support your claim; it will accelerate the process. Once you complete the form thoroughly, submit the same to the credit bureau through certified mail.

Your Disputed Entries Will Be Verified

When the credit bureau receives an appeal to get wrong entries removed from your credit report, they will contact the relevant parties, such as your creditor, lender, bank, or others to verify if your claims are correct. If they find that the information you have provided is true and the entries are not correct, they will fix the errors.

It May Take 30-45 Days To Get A Final Notification

The credit bureau will notify you about their final decision or any changes that they have made within thirty to forty-five days from the date of receiving your application.

What If Your Creditors (Or Other Relevant Parties) Do Not Co-Operate In Verification Of The Entries?

After receiving an appeal for correction of disputed entries, it is legally mandatory for the credit bureaus to reach a resolution within 90 days. Besides that, when the bureau send the copy of the appeal to your creditors for verification and if they do not get any response within 30 days, they must remove the disputed entries by law.

As you can see, the procedure to get damaged entries removed from your credit report is not a very difficult one. Your success however depends on how professionally you approach it.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Credit Report is a very important document. If any wrong entries are there in your report, it should be corrected soon otherwise it can affect your report. For doing this, you have to study your report thoroughly and make a proper list of wrong entries; you can talk to the concerned authority in the credit bureau. It can be done via phone. Sometimes, the concerned person gives you surety of taking the right action without any further delay and without any written complaint from you. But sorry to say that it is impossible for the credit bureau to take any action unless you file a dispute with the bureau. You can download a dispute form from the internet but before filing it, it is good to be well aware of the specific terms and symbols that are to be used in the form. Symbols should be used with precise care. Your case will depend upon the information provided by you, so be careful in filing the form correctly. Once your form will be received by the bureau, they will verify the entries with your creditors. If your complaint found to be correct, the entries will get removed from your report.

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