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Debt Collector Laws Protect You From Debt Harassment

Many people with debt problems don’t know that the Federal Trade Commission, the government’s consumer protection agency, has that prevent harassment from debt collectors. If you have taken out one or more high-interest payday loans and have fallen behind on your payments, your creditors are probably making repeated attempts at payday loan collections. These can include telephone calls, letters, emails, and other attempts to contact you. Some debt collectors have been known to overstep the boundaries of the law in their attempts to get payment on a loan or debt.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 2006, debt collectors are unfair and prohibited from using abusive or deceptive practices to collect money from you.

What Are Unfair Collection Practices?

Some debt collectors resort to calling clients repeatedly on the telephone, calling at inconvenient times, attempting to contact them at work, and even trying to contact their neighbors or family members. A few have even been known to threaten or intimidate debtors in order to get them to pay.

According to the law, a debt collector cannot contact you at inconvenient times or places, such as early morning, late at night, or at work, unless you agree to such contact. If you tell a debt collector, either orally or in writing, that you are not allowed to get calls at work, the collector may not contact you there.

How do I stop calls from debt collectors? Harassment won’t get the bills paid any faster.

If you simply don’t have the means to pay your bills, harassment from debt collectors won’t get them paid any faster. If a bill collector tries to contact you about a debt, even if it is one that you can’t repay immediately or that you don’t think you owe, it is a good idea to talk to them at least once to resolve the matter. Afterwards, if you don’t want further contact, you must inform the collector in writing that you want them to stop contacting you.

On its website,, the Federal Trade Commission recommends the following procedure to stop calls from debt collectors:

Create a copy of your letter and send the original by certified mail (return receipt requested) to the collection agency. The receipt is your proof that the collector received your letter. Once the collection agency receives the letter, debt collector laws ensure the calls and letters must stop. The collector is allowed to contact you once more, either to say that there will be no more contact, or to inform you of a specific action they intend to take, such as filing a lawsuit.

Be aware that sending a letter to a collection agency does not eliminate your debt; it simply stops the harassing phone calls and letters. Your creditors can still sue you to collect your debt.

Now Is The Time To Get The Help You Need To Manage Your Debt

Once you have , it’s time to take steps to get out of debt. You might want to consider a debt consolidation loan, or a debt consolidation program to help you consolidate your debts into one manageable monthly payment. Debt collector laws, if understood and used wisely, can give you the breathing space you need, to seek long term debt solutions.

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3 Responses to “Debt Collector Laws Protect You From Debt Harassment”

  1. Scott Rosman says:

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  2. abel says:

    When you are going through the financial crises or in emergency or in immediate need then payday will be very help full. This is for short period of time only and with high rate of interest. Any one who can pay such a amount with high rate of interest can apply for. I have personally seen that people pay $2000 or $3000 for just a amount of $500.Its not easy to deal with payday debt collector. But if you will follow the point given below then definitely you can deal with them calmly. First is that never close the line of communication. If you will ignore their call then your case will be handed over to debt collector agency. Its better that you talk with your collector and workout for alternative payment plan which is cheaper and reschedule your loan. If you will pay minimum payment on time then the collector will not harass you. So show that you are trying to pay so that he will help you to pay the loan. If you have more payday loan then definitely debt consolidation helps you. In some of the states debt collector are not allowed to harass you or give you any threat.

  3. john says:

    Debt collection has become a big area of jobs now. Taking a loan is the necessity of today’s life due to increasing demand of luxury items etc. Once you find yourself unable to do the repayment, the harassment from the debt collector’s will start. It can be done by making repeated calls or trying to contact you on odd timings. If you are going through such a harassment, you should be well aware of the federal trade commission which has debt collector laws that can protect you from any type of debt harassment. Unfair Collection Practices include the attempts of debt collectors trying to contact the clients at work or early in the morning and late in the night. The collector may not contact you if you have mentioned them the restricted timings of calling. If you do not find your self in a position to repay your debts, the only solution is to talk to them to find a mutual solution of the problem. Debt Collectors can not contact you if you are not willing to talk to them. You can give them in writing to stop calling you. If the collectors stop harassment calls, it does not remove your liabilities from the debts

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