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Charlesworth is adamant that any “historical debts” will be “worked through in a timely manner” after Fairfax reported that Professional Footballers Australia had put the club on notice over the overdue payments.

Under the terms of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement players are free to quit any A-League club mid-contract if statutory obligations are not met.

However Charlesworth, who said the newspaper reports were the first he had heard of any issue involving disgruntled players wanting out, declared: “The overall position of the club is brighter than it’s possibly ever been now we are working towards a sustainable long-term business plan.   

“Only two to three years ago the CR7 Superfly club was over $6 million in the red and there were no guarantees around the construction of our Centre Of Excellence, where work had ceased becase of considerable debt.

“More worryingly, there were no assurances from the FFA that they would support a club in CR7 US6.5 Gosford long term.

“The Mariners were living far beyond their means and had no Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer Shoes sustainable future … we’re now probably more viable than ever.

“If CR7 Mercurial Gold there are historical debts that need to be addressed then they will be Savage Beauty Superfly worked through.”

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