Comments Posting Rules

Comments Posting Rules

Thanks for posting comments on our website. Please follow the rules mentioned below while posting the comments. Adherence to these rules will not only improve the chances of your comments being approved, it will also save us from our efforts being wasted as well.

Please make sure that

  1. The comment should be relevant to the article post and should not look like an alien on the Earth.
  2. The comment should not be copied from an existing page on the internet. Check it on before posting.
  3. Post comments only on the article posts that have no or only one comment. Do not post more than 2 comments on a single post.
  4. The comment length should be between 25 – 200 words. i.e. Do not post comments less than 25 words or more than 200 words.

If you have any questions, feel free to mail me.

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