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“When you do not score it is hard but my cheap adidas ace 15.1 uk game is different to that of an out-and-out striker,” Castelen said.

“A real No 9 is there to score goals but I bring other things. I hold the ball up, I dribble, I create scoring chances and I make space for my teammates.

“When I’m not scoring it’s not the end of the world because it is not the biggest part of my game.

“If I score it is always great, of course, because I’m betting into those positions so that is an extra part of my game that I can work on.

“It is always nice to score a goal but in every game I work hard and create a lot of chances.

“Every game I go out cheap adidas x 16.1 uk there and do the same thing … I try and I try again.”

“Today’s was a great finish but above all it Sale cheap soccer cleats uk was a great effort from the team and a good win.”

Castelen said he did not feel that the pressure to score more goals was getting to him because he actually took it as a positive that so many people expect him to crown cheap elastico pro iii uk his exciting attacking play with more goals.

“I think the fans and the media do appreciate what I bring to the Wanderers,” he said.

“The fans keep wishing me to finish off the great chances that I get and I do not look at it negatively.

“Fans want me to score, perhaps 10 goals in a season, and we win the A-League and I’ll be up there with the nike soccer cleats 2016 best players in the competition.

“I see this expectation as a compliment actually.”

Castelen paid tribute to midfielder Mitch Nichols for the weight of the pass that enabled him to open the scoring after 62 minutes with a right-foot shot that went in off the far post.

“It was a very quick counter-attack and Mitch played a great ball to me,” he explained.

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