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Are Cash Loans Until Pay Day Legal In Every State?

No, cash loans until payday programs are not legal in every state. 16 states in the United States of America have either banned these types of loans or imposed low-rate restrictions on such lenders. Other states , where this form of lending still enjoys a legal status, have enacted different laws to regulate lenders’ activities. Awareness regarding the specific payday loan laws that are applicable in your state is very important for all those people who are considering borrowing this type of loan or are already trapped in a vicious cycle of debt that these loans are notorious for. ...Read more>>

What Are The Laws To Regulate High Cost Payday Loan With No Faxing?

Payday loan with no faxing programs are undoubtedly are undoubtedly very popular among low-income consumers who often get short of cash and look for these loans as an easy way to get quick money. But, the ONLY drawback is that these loans are highly costly and a vast majority of payday loan borrowers end up getting into a never ending debt trap. If you are considering borrowing this loan, you are strongly recommended to read the terms and conditions explained in the written loan contract thoroughly. If you have any confusion regarding the actual cost of loan, you must ask for a written clarification from the payday loan company in question. Besides that, it is also very important for you to make sure that the lender you are borrowing the loan from is running a legal business and issuing loans under full compliance of the payday loans laws as enacted by the federal as well as your state government. ...Read more>>

What To Do If A Rude Payday Debt Collector Is Harassing You?

It is very important for you to understand that the US laws have provided certain legal rights to both debtors as well payday debt collectors. For example, when they give you a call and inquire about the debt you owe, you must admit it and tell them what you are doing to make the repayment. However, if you are not sure whether you really owe the debts that the collector is talking about, you have the right to ask the caller to show documented proofs that you legally owe the debt. For example, if it is a very old debt, it is possible that the statute of limitations has expired already. If that is the case, you are legally not obligated to pay off those debts. In any case, you should never surrender your sanity to harassment. ...Read more>>

State Laws About Collection Charges And Repayment Plan On Payday Debt

Some payday lenders charge very high amount of collection fees on payday debt and they just keep on multiplying the fee with every passing month. But it is very important for you to keep in mind that now many states have come up with some specific laws that restrict the maximum amount of collection fee a payday lender can charge. ...Read more>>

Settle A Past Due Payday Loan - 4 Crucial Things To Consider

In order to settle a past due payday loan, there are several things that you need to take into your careful consideration. It is true that payday lending programs are designed in such a way that allows you to borrow money through a very simple and fast process. You can easily get the money you need deposited in your bank account. Most lenders approve your loan application and even transfer the fund within a matter of just a few hours. Another attraction is that almost anyone can qualify for these short-term loans because the eligibility criteria are very simple. But, despite all these lucrative features, no one can deny the very fact that it is a highly risky loan program and majority of borrowers often end up getting trapped in a vicious cycle of debt. If you are also struggling with payday debts and are looking out for ways on how to clear your past dues, the following information should help. ...Read more>>

Should Pay Day Loans Lenders Be Banned?

Sixteen States in the United States of America have already banned pay day loans lenders while the debate is still on whether other states should also ban them or not. It is an open fact that these loans are extremely costly and risky for consumers. Most borrowers eventually get trapped into a vicious cycle of rapidly growing debt. Therefore, it seems justifiable to ban these types of lenders. Following is a brief rundown on some of the reasons why many people (including low-income consumers who are main target for this predatory lending) are against banning this form of lending. ...Read more>>

Payday Loan Laws In California

The state of California has passed certain payday loan laws in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers. People who borrow short-term cash advances often end up getting into a serious debt trap. Though these loan programs look like an easy option as almost anyone can qualify for it (even with bad credit) and get instant cash, yet these financing options can be very risky and expensive because of the high costs involved with them. You are strongly recommended not to go for these seemingly lucrative but risky programs. If you are residing in California and have already become a victim of these loans, knowledge about the state laws will definitely show you some effective ways on how to get out of the debt problem. ...Read more>>

Payday Loan Debt Advice – How To Avoid Excessive Direct Withdrawals From Your Bank Account By Your Lender?

If you are looking for payday loan debt advice on how to protect your bank account from excessive withdrawals by your payday lenders, you have finally come to the right place. When you sign up for a payday cash advance, you are usually required to authorize your lender to access your bank account and withdraw the payments directly from it for the repayment of the money lent to you. ...Read more>>

Ohio Payday Loan Laws – The Short-Term Loan Act Of 2008

With the introduction of Short-Term Loan Act in 2008, Ohio payday loan laws have now become very strict, especially when it is about upper limit of the rate of interest that lenders may charge in these types of lending programs. Prior to this Act, the interest rate could be as high as 300% per annum or even more. But now, as per the new laws, the rate has got an upper ceiling of only 28%. If you are looking out for these loans in the state of Ohio, make sure you do not pay more than 28% of the principal amount in terms of interest and other fees. ...Read more>>

Know U.S. Payday Lending Laws

Payday lending laws vary across different states. Many applicants are not aware that a payday loan may be illegal in their state. State and federal governments have pushed for tighter controls on payday loan stores because of the spiraling payday loan debt problem in the country. ...Read more>>

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