Debt Consolidation

Three Things You Must Know About Consumer Credit Counseling Services

If your personal debt is growing fast, where you owe different amount of money to multiple creditors, you must be having great difficulty in managing your finances. Consumer credit counseling services can help you in these situations. Through their debt management programs, they can show you the way on how to get your finances back on track. However, you have to be very careful while you use these services. ...Read more>>

How To Use Credit Counseling Service To Avoid Foreclosure?

A credit counseling service can help you in many ways when it comes to achieving a debt free life and getting your finances back on track. Reputable, legitimate credit counselors can even show you some great ways on how to save your home even when you are on the verge of foreclosure. However, for this purpose, you will have to contact an agency that specializes in mortgage delinquency counseling. When such an agency talks to your mortgage lender on your behalf, the chances are that they will be able to convince the lender for a better debt management program rather than pushing the home for foreclosure. ...Read more>>

Accrue More From Your Student Federal Loan Consolidation

It is common parlance that education in modern times is a costly affair. Being a student you might have taken a loan to meet all the educational expenses. You might have availed a federal loan or two in order to pay for your tuition fees, accommodation costs and all other expenses. Federal consolidation loans for students could help you repay the loans in a very convenient and effective manner. ...Read more>>

4 Places To Find Out The Best Credit Counselor In Your State

Considering the rising number of credit scams, it has really become a very difficult task to choose a genuine credit counselor who offers result-oriented services. Debt management has become a highly profitable business. The financial life of a consumer runs on credit these days. Therefore, if you are serious about getting your finances back on track, you will have to be very careful while you are looking for a counseling service. The best counselors in your state are the ones who charge a very reasonable fee. Look into the following four places and you will definitely be able to find one. ...Read more>>

The Role Of Credit Counseling While You Are Filing Bankruptcy

The kind of monetary system we all are living in, debt has now become a part of our lives. The financial life of consumers runs on credit. Sometimes, the debts become so overwhelming that people go bankrupt. However, when it comes to filing a petition for bankruptcy, credit counseling plays a very important role. Whether you are filing under chapter 7 or chapter 13, the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 requires you to work with a credit counselor at least 6 months prior to filing your petition. ...Read more>>

How To Compare Credit Counseling Services?

It is not at all fun to live paycheck to paycheck, especially when you are drowned in debts. When debt becomes too high to manage, people often look toward credit counseling services for help. However, considering the very fact that there are so many such companies available in the market and that many of them are scams, you have to be very careful with your selection. ...Read more>>

Things You Must Know About Christian Credit Counseling Service

If you are considering signing up for a Christian credit counseling service, there are several things that you need to be well aware of. Considering the very fact that there are hundreds of such agencies available out there that offer these types of services, you may find the task of choosing the best service a daunting one. However, if you follow the right approach and look into the right direction, you can easily take much pain out of the proceedings. There are several ways to find a good company. Following is a brief rundown on some of the steps that you need to follow in this regard. ...Read more>>

Online Credit Counseling Course

If you do not want to hire a credit counselor in your area or if you do not have enough money to afford their fee, you can consider taking an online credit counseling course and learn to manage your finances remotely. This is probably the most affordable and easiest way to acquire necessary credit and debt knowledge. You do not need to attend any meeting with the counselor in person. You can strengthen your money and debt management skills right from the comfort and convenience of your home. With the right education at an affordable price, you can easily learn how to take control of your finances. ...Read more>>

Save On Debt With Credit Counseling

There cannot be a one definitive answer on how much a person can save on debt with credit counseling, but you can definitely save a lot if you are working with an expert credit counselor. The exact amount of savings will depend on an array of factors that are associated with your specific case. For example, some people get into debt because of medical setback while others fall into debt because of poor money management skills. The good news is that debt counselors are professional experts and they have a variety of tools that can prove to be very helpful for you when it comes to managing and settling your debts. Following is a brief rundown on the two most common aspects that counseling experts usually work on. ...Read more>>

Starting A Consumer Credit Counseling Company

If you are considering starting a consumer credit counseling company, you need to follow a set procedure. There are several rules and regulations on both state and federal level that you must fulfill thoroughly. Since the time credit cards have been introduced in the market, there has been demand for credit counselors. Credit card debt is one of the most common reasons for the majority of people that go bankrupt. These types of debts grow very fast because of the high rate of interest that is charged on it. Besides that, since credit card companies allow their customers to pay just a certain minimum amount of payment every month and avoid the actual debt, it becomes another reason for fast accumulation of credit card debt. Sometimes these debts become so overwhelming that debtors find themselves quite helpless, and this is in situations like these when they turn to credit counselors. ...Read more>>

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