4 Things You Must Do To Smoothen Your Life After Bankruptcy

After a court declares you bankrupt, you will have to face some tough challenges. Bankruptcy is going to be on your record for the next 7 to 10 years, which means the recovery process for you is going to be very difficult and time consuming. In order to smoothen the quality of your life after bankruptcy, you must do these four things. These 4 steps will help you face the challenges quite efficiently. ...Read more>>

Some Proven Ways To Fix Your Credit After Bankruptcy

There are plenty of things that you need to work on if you seriously want to fix your credit after bankruptcy. When a person is declared officially bankrupt by court, his or her credit rating takes a major hit. You need to inculcate better credit habits and implement some quick actions in order to get your credit back on the right track. The key to success lies in how financially disciplined you are and whether you are using the right strategies. You will find the following information very helpful in this regard. ...Read more>>

Different Ways To Refinance After Bankruptcy

There are several possible ways out there that can help you refinance after bankruptcy, but you are strongly recommended not to go for refinancing immediately after you are officially declared as bankrupt. The best strategy is to wait for a couple of months to regain financial foothold before you go for any such thing. Since bankruptcy severely damages your credit score, it is obviously not possible to qualify for a good refinancing deal. It is always better to spend some quality time first to rebuild your credit. This way, you can easily get a better deal. You should approach it through a step-by-step process. Following is a brief rundown on some of the different ways that you can consider in this regard. ...Read more>>

3 Things You Must Do To Cope With Bankruptcy

Many people look at bankruptcy as an easy debt relief tool. Though it is true that bankruptcy provides protection to consumers against their debt problems, but only when it is used as a last option. When you go bankrupt, you have to work hard to regain your financial footing and to rebuild your credit worthiness. The journey to financial recovery after bankruptcy is not at all an easy one. The good news is that there are still plenty of ways available out there that can help you cope with bankruptcy in a very efficient manner. However, it is important to note that your success here depends on how determined you are in your approach and whether you are consistent or not in your serious efforts. The process requires you to demonstrate a great sense of financial responsibility. If you are confident that you have all these qualities in you, you can handle the negative consequences of bankruptcy quite successfully. ...Read more>>

Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy

Bouncing back from bankruptcy is often not an easy task. When you are declared bankrupt by a court, it takes its tool on almost every aspect of your life – be it financial, personal or professional. Bankruptcy is undoubtedly a trying time, where you have to deal with an array of difficult things, such as liquidation of assets and properties, the process of facing the court proceedings, and the shame associated with the financial downfall. Despite all these facts, bankruptcy still stands as a powerful last option to those consumers to get rid of their debt problems and to give their financial life a fresh start. If you follow the right approach and demonstrate a great level of financial discipline, you can definitely make life after bankruptcy easy and smooth going for you. ...Read more>>

Why And When Should You Apply For Credit Cards After Bankruptcy?

You must be quite reluctant to obtain and use credit cards after bankruptcy because of the fear that it can further ruin your finances. Here, it is very important for you to keep in mind that the problem is not with credit card; the problem is the overuse of it. The “use” of credit cards can be beneficial for a bankrupt individual, especially when it comes to improving the FICO score. But yes, the “overuse” of it must be avoided at all cost. Following is a brief rundown on some of the various aspects associated with it. ...Read more>>

Do Bankruptcy Filings Affect Employment Opportunities?

Bankruptcy filings do affect current jobs and future employment opportunities quite adversely. After all, the records remain on your credit report for the next ten years. Most employers these days prefer to review credit reports of applicants before hiring them on specific positions. Therefore, if you are considering filing your petition for bankruptcy and are worried about its consequences related to employment and job, it is completely natural. Having said that, there are many specific provisions in the bankruptcy code to protect bankrupt individuals in matters related to employment in the private and public sector. ...Read more>>


Bankruptcy refers to a situation when you are not in a position to make the repayment of your bills due to which the court steps in to discharge your debts either by restructuring of debts or by liquidating your assets and properties. ...Read more>>

A Step-By-Step Guide to Get Mortgage after Bankruptcy

People often find it almost impossible to get mortgage after bankruptcy. Though it is true that it is not easy at all to find lenders for this purpose, it is not at all a completely impossible task. If you follow the right approach and go ahead with the right plan, you can find a lender who will be willing to offer you a mortgage loan on decent terms. ...Read more>>

Your 6-Month Formula to Obtain a Car Loan after Bankruptcy

Many people have the assumption that it is impossible to obtain loan after bankruptcy, which is not true. Be it car loan, personal loan, home loan, or even student loan, there are ways to qualify for the same provided you follow the right approach. ...Read more>>

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