Basic Things You Must Know About Bankruptcy Dismissal

When you file a petition for bankruptcy and the court rejects your petition on certain grounds, it is legally termed as bankruptcy dismissal. Dismissal means your case is officially closed and that the court will make no further rulings on your case. Some of the most common reasons why a petition is dismissed include violation of court rules, misstatements, and errors in the petition. Following is a brief rundown on some of the different aspects associated with, which you must be well aware of. ...Read more>>

5 Basic Things That Typically Happen During Every Bankruptcy Process

The exact bankruptcy process may vary from one state to another, but there are certain basics that remain the same. Following are the typical five steps that must be followed irrespective of where in the United States of America you are located in. ...Read more>>

11 Things You Must Do Before Filing For Bankruptcy

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you have to be very careful on how you have to go ahead with the process. Always remember, a single wrong move can turn out to be a huge disaster. The decision-making in this regard is not an easy task. It is very important to note that the already difficult process of bankruptcy has become much more complex with the introduction of the Bankruptcy Reform Act 2005. Even a small wrong step can make your case highly complicated, which eventually can even make the desired relief highly expensive, and sometimes, even impossible. Following is a brief rundown on eleven things that you must do in order to make sure you do not end up getting into a worse situation than you are currently in, and that everything goes as smoothly as possible. ...Read more>>

Protect Yourself From Unscrupulous Bankruptcy Attorneys – Follow This 6-Point Checklist

Can bankruptcy be a solution for your debt problems? There is no straight answer to this question. But, one thing is for sure, getting bankrupt must always be the last option, not the first choice. People often end up making wrong decisions mainly because they consult wrong bankruptcy attorneys. An unscrupulous lawyer works with the only objective to make money from the client. They do not give a damn about your debt problems, or for that matter, how to solve it. Finding an honest lawyer sounds like a big joke because honestly and lawyers often do not come together. Therefore, the only way to get the best legal advice from your attorney is to educate yourself about the procedure of bankruptcy. ...Read more>>

Common Bankruptcy Questions And Their Answers

Bankruptcy is a legal process through which an individual declares his or her incapability to pay creditors. It is a remedy for the anxiety and tension that builds up when creditors bother the debtor. In layman’s language, bankruptcy is a legal way of dealing with debts one cannot pay. ...Read more>>

What Are The Things Included In Bankruptcy Discharge Records?

The bankruptcy discharge records issued by the court include the details about those debt accounts that the debtor has been relieved as part of the bankruptcy protection. The debtor no longer can be held liable to make the repayment on the debts that have thus been discharged. These discharge orders prohibit the creditors associated with those debts from getting involved in any activities to collect those debts from the debtor. If they do, it will be treated as an illegal activity, and the debtor can sue them for this. Though the legal procedures may vary from one jurisdiction to another, the discharge records are often identical. Following is a brief rundown on some of the important things that these records include. ...Read more>>

Obtaining Bankruptcy Discharge Papers

When you are declared bankrupt by the court, you usually are provided with bankruptcy discharge papers. But, if because of some reasons, you have not received these papers, there are several ways to get new copies of the same. These papers include the details of all those debts that you no longer owe, which means those debts have been discharged as part of the bankruptcy. You are advised to keep these papers with you, as you may need them in future, such as when a future employer or a lender wants to see them. The process that you have to follow to get new copies of these papers is not a very time consuming one. If you follow it the right way, it should not take too long. Following is a brief rundown on how to go about it. ...Read more>>

Different Types Of Bankruptcy Attorney Fee Agreement

Different bankruptcy lawyers charge their fee in different ways. You are advised to be very careful when you sign a bankruptcy attorney fee agreement. Read the terms and conditions of the agreement thoroughly before you put your signature on it. You can come across many legal terminologies that you have not heard before. If you have confusion regarding any such thing, do not hesitate to get things clarified thoroughly. Following are some of the different types of agreement that bankruptcy lawyers usually follow. ...Read more>>

Understanding The Duties Of A Bankruptcy Paralegal

Though the bankruptcy laws are very complex ones, you are still advised to have at least the basic understanding of the different things that are associated with this process. For example, you must also be aware of the duties of a bankruptcy paralegal. A paralegal here is an assistant professional who can work for any of the three parties that are often involved in a bankruptcy case – the trustee, creditor’s lawyer, and the debtor’s lawyer. Following is a brief overview on the different tasks that they perform for different parties. ...Read more>>

What Services Do An Seattle Bankruptcy Attorney Offer And How Much Do They Charge?

Whether you are filing your petition under chapter 7 or chapter 13, a Seattle bankruptcy attorney is likely to charge you somewhere around $1500 for the legal assistance they provide. The procedure is a complex one and legal representation is crucial in these types of cases. So, despite the fact that the lawyer’s fee is a substantial one, you may still have to hire one. Here, it is also very important for you to keep in mind that you also need to pay somewhere around $300 as bankruptcy filing fee. This is in addition to the attorney’s fee. ...Read more>>

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