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Are Payday Loans The Only Way To Get Instant Cash Advance?

Payday loan programs have just been advertised that way, but there are several other alternatives as well that can help you get instant cash advance. It is just that those other alternatives are not as popular as are payday loans. This is probably because no one does marketing for the same. You will have to look out for those alternatives on your own. Considering the very fact that thousands of consumers in the United States of America are seriously trapped in the predatory cycle of payday debt and that many of them are even getting bankrupt, you are advised to avoid payday cash advances. The following are some of the better options that you may like to try.

Advance From Your Credit Card

You can get instant cash advance using your credit card. Though it is not the best way to do that, it is still a better option as compared to payday loans. Where payday lenders charge interest at 3-digit APR, the interest charged on credit card cash advance charges interest at 2-digit APR. Besides that, even the repayment terms are much more affordable. But, make sure you treat this loan seriously and pay it off within the set due date.

Advance From Employer

If you have been working for your employer for several years and have established yourself as a hard-working, committed, loyal employee, you can request for an instant cash advance from your employer also. Always remember, no employers in this world want to lose their best employees. Even during the worst situations like a period of recession, when employers fire their employees to cut down their expenses, they do their best to retain their best employees. So, if your employer is happy with your performance, there is no reason why they should not approve your request for a cash advance against your salary. If this option works for you, you are advised to go for it. Employers usually do not charge interest for such cash advances and deduct the money from the next salary. In fact, if you request, you can even be allowed to pay back the money in small monthly installments over a few months.

Innovative Alternatives

Depending upon your specific requirement, you can come up with several other alternatives for instant cash advance. For example, if you need money for car repair and if you use the repair services from the same agency every time, you can request the agency to accept a post-dated check. Car repair agencies usually do not mind doing such favors for their regular customers. You can return the favor by being loyal to them and if possible by referring some more customers for them, such as your colleagues and friends. Likewise, if you need money to keep yourself current with your mortgage payment, you can contact your mortgage company and request them to allow you to miss payments for a couple of months. Most mortgage companies will agree to such requests and allow you to pay just the amount of interest per month for up to six months. You can use this interest-only period on your mortgage to regain control over your finances.

These days, even conventional banks and credit unions have started offering small amount of short-term loans. So, if you are looking for instant cash advance and find payday loans too risky for that, you can work on this option as well. Feel free to browse through other articles in this section for more detailed information on how to meet your urgent financial expenses without getting into the debt trap caused by predatory payday loan programs.

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  1. John says:

    Instant cash advance can be taken in the form of pay day loan but this is not the only way to get the cash instantly. There are so many other alternatives that can provide you the much needed cash. You can get the instant cash by pay day loan but getting out from the cycle of pay day loan is very difficult. It is advisable to go for other option. Your credit card can help you for getting cash advance. It is true that this option is also an expensive one because the rate of interest on such loans is also very high but still it is lower than the interest rate of pay day loan. The best solution for getting cash advance may be your employer. If you are a successful and genuine employee, your employer will never refuse the advance to you. A good employee can easily get such type of cash advance and at the same time, he can pay back the money even in small installments. In this case, your impression will pay for you. Some times, you can create your own alternative like if you need the money to repair your car, you can request your agency to take a post dated cheque. Here, again your good impression and financial punctuality will make a difference for you.

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