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Are No Credit Payday Loans Affordable?

No credit payday loans look like a boon for those who have bad credit and so are unable to qualify for conventional loan programs. These are small amount of short-term cash advances that consumers usually borrow when they come across an unexpected financial emergency and have no money to meet those requirements. The payday lenders offer a very simple process to get instant cash. They do not check your credit score. They do not ask you to submit or fax lots of financial documents for verification. They do not require you to go through complex paperwork. All you have to do is just to fill out a simple online application form, which does not take more than two minutes. The application usually gets approved within a matter of just a few hours and you get the money transferred directly to your checking bank account. All these features are no doubt attractive enough to tempt you to borrow these loans, but it is very important for you to keep in mind that these short-term, easy-to-borrow loans can also turn out to be a very big problem for you if you are not careful and disciplined in your approach. Following is a brief rundown on how to decide if you should borrow or avoid these loans.

Can U Realistically Afford To Repay It In Time?

When it comes to deciding whether or not to borrow no credit payday loans, the first thing you have to do is to look into your budget plan and see if you have enough income and savings to ensure timely repayment. If you are not in a position to repay these loans on its set due date, which is very near, just a couple of weeks away, usually the next pay day. When you fail to repay as scheduled, you will eventually be pushed into a vicious cycle of payday debts. Missing the deadline means you will be charged hefty penalty fee. Besides that, you will also have to pay interest for every single of delay. Considering the very fact that payday loan companies usually charge a 3-digit APR, all these things will eventually cause your overall outstanding debt balance to grow very fast. Before you can realize what is happening, your debt would already have grown up to just double or even triple of what you had borrowed initially.

It is very important for you to keep in mind that no credit payday loans often require you to repay over 150% of what you initially borrow. Is this acceptable for you? Probably no because the fact is if you look around thoroughly, you will easily find much better alternatives. You can find more information about those alternatives by visiting the section ‘payday loan alternatives’ under the category ‘payday loans’.

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