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5 Cheaper Pay day Loan Alternatives To Obtain Cash Until Payday

Salaried individuals have to live with a certain limited amount of monthly income and they often get into trouble when they are hit with an unexpected financial emergency but do not have enough cash to meet those requirements. Luckily, there are various sources that can help you get cash until payday. It is very important for you to understand that pay day lending is not the only option available in this regard. It is true that payday loans can easily be obtained, but since they can prove to be extremely expensive because of the high cost of interest and other charges associated with the same, you are strongly recommended to look into the following possible alternatives first. Get It From Your Bank Or Credit Union To start with, you can get cash until payday right from your bank (where you have your checking account). Since the banking industry is also very competitive and

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no banks want to lose their regular customers, you might have a good chance in getting a short-term loan from them. So, talk to your bank and review the possibilities. Alternatively, you can also contact credit unions; many of them now-a-days have started offering short-term loans, especially to salaried individuals. You might not get approval within 24 hours, but if you meet the basic eligibility requirements,

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you should get the money you need within 2-3 days. Borrow From A Family Member Or A Friend Though many people are not comfortable with this idea, it can still prove to be a safer and cheaper alternative to get cash until payday. After all, even your friends or family members might fall into a similar emergency situation in future and they might need your help in such cases. So, this is a win-win situation in fact. Besides all that, what are friends and family members for? Get It Through Local Hardship Assistance Programs In almost every state in the United States of America, there are various organizations that run several different types of local hardship assistance programs. Such organizations may include the Salvation Army, local churches, humanitarian organizations and even your local Department of Human resources. You can contact these organizations and enquire if they run any such program. Cut Out Your Other Expenses And Get Extra Cash Without Borrowing A smart way to get cash until payday is to cut out your other expenses (the ones you can live without) and use the money thus saved to meet your urgent financial requirements. This might even mean practicing frugality until you get your next salary. Practicing frugality is not a very big compromise, especially when it can protect you from extremely costly and stressful loan burdens. Make Adjustments In Your Tax Withholding If you are one of those people who prefer to withhold extra money (more than actually needed) from their paychecks so that they can get a bigger tax refund, this is the time you must make adjustments with this strategy. If you need money now, it does not make any sense to save money for future. So, use the tax withholding calculator, which you can find at the official website of the IRS, and figure out how much money you should withhold. Make adjustments accordingly, and most probably, you will end up freeing enough extra cash to meet your current financial requirements. Last, but not the least, you must not forget that when you get cash until payday (regardless of where you get it from), you are obligated to pay it back as soon as you get your salary. Therefore, you must plan your finances accordingly. Financial discipline is very important when it comes to keeping yourself debt-free.

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