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4 Places To Find Out The Best Credit Counselor In Your State

Considering the rising number of , it has really become a very difficult task to choose a genuine credit counselor who offers result-oriented services. Debt management has become a highly profitable business. The financial life of a consumer runs on credit these days. Therefore, if you are serious about getting your finances back on track, you will have to be very careful while you are looking for a counseling service. The best counselors in your state are the ones who charge a very reasonable fee. Look into the following four places and you will definitely be able to find one.


NFCCS stands for National Foundation for Credit Counseling Services. It is a non-profit organization. You can contact their office to find out a list of the member counselors who are operating their offices in your state. Make sure that the credit counselor you are considering working with is an approved member of NSCCS.

US Department Of JusticeAnother great place to find a list of certified counselors is the US Department of Justice in your state. The department maintains this list with an objective to help those who are planning to file for bankruptcy. Even though bankruptcy is not your reason, you can contact the department and get access to that list. The best thing is that the list is regularly updated and that the details of the consumer credit counselors are categorized on the basis of states they are running their offices in.


AICCCA is a national organization that maintains a list of non-profit credit counseling agencies that are following the industry standards. Therefore, if a particular credit counselor is advertising that it is a non-profit agency, you must make sure that it is an approved member of AICCCA (Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies).


Once you make up your mind for a specific counseling service, the last things that you MUST do is to check if the agency is duly accredited with BBB (Better Business Bureau). If an agency is approved by BBB, it means it is treating consumers in an honest and fair manner.

Once you short list 3-4 reputable agencies, you should contact them one by one. You can talk to them on phone, but it will be better to meet the personally in the office. While you do this, make sure you carry a list of questionnaire, such as about the kind of services they are offering, the level of experiences they have, the fee they charge, and other such things. The idea is to compare their answers with each other. This will help you choose the best one out of them.

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  2. Peter says:

    It is great relief I have got after reading this article. Credit Card debts have become a big problem for today’s life and so the consolidation and settlement process have also become the necessity. A good credit counselor can take you away from the ocean of debts whereas a fraud one can increase your problems because many companies are involved in illegal activities So be careful to choose your credit counselor as the counselor will represent you in the market. The article has mentioned four places any individual can try for a genuine and reliable credit counselor. The agency you have selected must be registered with better Business Bureau because it gives you the guarantee of honesty and genuinity. Other institutions are also equally good, if you hire any counselor from these institutions you need not to worry about the reputation and any illegal previous record. You can trust them blindly. Another reason is they charge very nominal fee as compare to other agency. You can select some companies attached with these organization and then can select the best suitable for you. Clarify all your queries with the counselor personally. After all it is a big issue of our life.

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