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35 Creative Money Saving Tips To Avoid Payday Loans – Part 3

In the last two parts of this article, you read about fourteen very creative ways to save a lot of money so that you can avoid payday loans. Following are seven more tips and tricks that will help you save more money.

15. Make The Best Use Of Coupons

You can save a lot of money by using coupons. You can find these coupons easily in newspapers, magazines, websites and even while you are visiting a store. Collect all these coupons; better, organize them properly so that you can get the coupon as and when you need. You can organize the coupons in different categories, such as groceries, garments, electronic items, restaurants and so on. Coupons allow you to avail special discounts. So, make sure you make the best use of it.

16. Consider Purchasing Gently-Used Appliances

If you are planning to purchase a big-ticket item, you can save a great deal of money by purchasing it through eBay or other such sources that sell gently-used appliances at great discounts. This strategy can help you create and maintain an impressive emergency fund, which will eventually turn out to be very useful to avoid payday loans. People usually do not mind buying used vehicles. So, there should not be any problem in using used appliances as well, especially the ones that cost a fortune when you buy them new. It will be a nice idea to have a look into the available deals on newspapers and auction sites like eBay. But, obviously, you will have to be very careful while you are using this strategy. Make sure that the place you are buying the used items from is trustworthy. Ebay in general is quite safe and you can avail some great deals here.

17. Check your doors and windows for insulation

Many people do not realize that are paying a very large sum of money toward their heating and air conditioning bills just because there is lack of insulation in their rooms. Therefore, while you are working on your strategies to save money to avoid payday loans, you must also look into this area as well. Check all the doors and windows for drafty gaps. You can ensure a significant reduction in your monthly energy bills by just making sure that your rooms are properly insulated. Even minor lack of insulation can cost you big bucks.

18. Buy Your Groceries In Advance

Many people go for grocery shopping on a daily basis, which is not the right strategy, as this way, you are very much likely to spend more than you should. A general rule of thumb is to go for grocery shopping just once or two times every week. If you shop for every single meal separately, it will cause a serious dent on your finances. Therefore, you are advised to do even grocery shopping with proper planning.

19. Avoid Impulse Buying

If you want to avoid payday loans, you must first learn how to avoid impulse buying. No matter which type of items you are going to purchase, you must always carry a list (prepared in advance) that should tell you what exactly you have to buy. Go for shopping with as much cash in your wallet as is needed to purchase the items mentioned in the list. Even if you are going to buy groceries, you are strongly recommended to prepare a list first. Make sure you do not buy anything that is not in the list. While you are shopping in a store, it is very much likely that you will come across many new things that are not in your list but you feel tempted to buy the same. Stores do it intentionally; they organize things in such a way that should attract your attention. Do not listen to your temptations. Even if you seriously think that you need an item that is in the list and you must buy it, you are advised to give yourself some time. Wait for 72 hours; if you still think, you really need that item, go ahead and purchase it. Most of the time, if it is just a temptation, you will realize it during this wait period that buying that item is just a waste of money and that you are perfectly fine without it. This type of self control while you are shopping is a great way to give a boost to your savings.

20. Consider Increasing The Deductible On Your Insurance Policies

Another great way to save money to avoid payday loans is by working on strategies that should allow you to reduce the cost of insurance. Whether it is a health insurance policy, an auto insurance policy, a home insurance policy or any other policy, increasing your deductible can prove to be very helpful in reducing the premium cost. The higher the deductible, the lower the cost of your insurance premiums will be. Besides that, you can also consider paying your premiums on quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. Most insurance companies provide a heavy discount for those who pay their premiums in advance.

21. Consider Purchasing Food From Generic Brand

A very common assumption among people is that generic brand foods are of cheaper quality as compared to name brands, which is usually not true. In fact, the inside trade secret is that there are several companies that manufacture both name brand as well as generic brand products.

In the next part, we will discuss some more creative ideas on how to save a lot of money to avoid payday loans.

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  1. John says:

    Saving money is actually very important .If we do not make it a regular nature of us, it becomes very difficult to manage our finances. There are so many options available through which we can get help to strengthen our financial position. This article is capable to provide you some very useful tips to save money. We often get some coupon from the companies we purchased something and we forgot about it, whereas we can make the benefit by using such coupons. Electricity bills are also responsible in spoiling our budget, so we should always try to remain close to nature .Always try to use sun light as much as possible, by doing this we can not only save our money but can also provide our support to save the nature. Impulse shopping can ruin your budget just try to avoid it , make a proper list of things you want to purchase and be strict to your list. You can try one more fact that is you should not go to market on the daily basis shop for at least two weeks in advance to save your precious money.

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