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3 Things You must Do while Shopping for the Best Payday Cash Loans

Payday cash loans have emerged as an easy way to get instant money to meet urgent, unexpected, temporary financial needs. But, there are certain risk-factors; so you have to be very careful while you are shopping for the best program. The loan-term is very short; you generally have to repay the loan within a couple of weeks. The due date is the next pay day, the day when you get your monthly salary credited into your checking bank account. When you miss the due date, you become liable to pay hefty amount of money as penalty. Besides that, because of the high rate of interest, the debt starts mounting very fast. Following is a brief rundown on how to choose the best program, eliminating all such risks.

Request Quotes to Compare Different Offers

Reputed lenders offer free, no-obligation quotes for payday cash loans. Take it as your opportunity to know what they have to offer and which offer seems to be the best one, depending upon your specific needs and requirements. Request quotes from at least 4-5 lenders and compare the interest rates, penalty charges, maximum amount of money you can borrow, repayment terms, and the due date.

Look into Additional Costs, Other Than Interest

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that interest is generally not the only cost involved with these types of lending programs; there can be several additional costs as well, such as loan processing fee, pre-payment penalty, and others. Though genuine lenders do clearly explain such costs in their quotes, some lenders may not mention the same. So, after a thorough review of the quotes, make sure you ask your lenders about hidden costs, if any. You can simply give them a phone call or write an email, but believe them only when they give the clarification in writing.

Thoroughly Review the Repayment Terms

Make sure you have no confusion about the actual time period to repay the payday cash loans. Though most lenders do offer an option to extend the due date for 1-3 months, it is advisable not to use this “flexibility”. It sounds a convenient option, but going for it only means you are actually pushing yourself into danger zone. Everything will be skyrocketing – amount of interest, late fee, and other penalty charges. It happens so fast that you get no time to realize how your debt gets doubled or tripled. So, make sure you take your time to closely review repayment terms.

Overall, following this 3-step strategy will help you make an informed decision. You will be in a position to avoid “unexpected”, unpleasant surprises. In fact, there’s nothing like unpleasant surprises; it is just another term for ignorance. Your awareness is the key to choose the best payday cash loans.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Very Informative and great tips. Pay day loans have become today’s necessity. Any individual who lives on pay check to pay check generally do not have any emergency fund to face some unavoidable circumstances. That’s why most of the people with hand to mouth income have to take pay day loans. It is very easy to take a loan and fulfill your needs but it becomes really difficult to repay such pay day loans due to high rate of interest. It is very important to study the rules and regulations thoroughly before signing the agreement with the creditors. You can compare the conditions of three or four lenders and can choose the best one for you. Always keep an eye on other charges rather than interest like penalty charges or late fee etc. The time period of repayment is very short in these loans so you should have a contract with clearly mentioned the terms and condition for the extension of time. It should also be clear if any other charges will be taken for extra term or not. Because if you trust their verbal commitment and do not make the payment, your loan will go for the renewal automatically.

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