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3 Simple Ways To Save Money On Water Bills

If your water bill makes a significant part of your monthly budget, which often does, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of things you can do to save money on water bills. You can reduce these bills by up to 40% or even more on a yearly basis if you practice conserving water on a daily basis. However, this task is obviously not an easy one; it requires you to demonstrate a great level of discipline and determination. You will find the following tips very helpful in this regard.

Review Your Water Bills Of Previous Months

The first thing you have to do is to do a thorough review of the water bills from the previous few months. If you notice that there has been a significant increase in the amount of the bills, you should discuss this thing with your spouse and other family members. Find out the reasons why behind this increase. It possibly means one of the two things or sometimes both – either there are leakages somewhere in the plumbing system or you are wasting water carelessly. If you seriously want to save money on water bills so that you can have a smoother financial life, you must work on it as soon as you find out the reason behind the increased bills.

Check For Water Leaks

You have to be very careful while you are checking for the possibilities of water leaks. The primary areas of attention include your bathroom and kitchen. Do not forget to check your flapper by removing the toilet cover. Watch the flapper thoroughly while flushing the toilet – is there any water leakage? Does it close properly? You probably should consider replacing the flapper if it sounds like the water is still running even after you have closed the flapper. Besides that, you also need to check the faucets in the laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom for possible leaks. If you notice slow water drips in the faucets even when they are closed, they probably need some repair work or replacement. Furthermore, you also need to check the water pipes for condensation. You can do this by running your hand over the pipes in the attic, crawl space, and the basement. By making sure that the entire plumbing system is working properly in your home, you will definitely be able to make some room to save money on water bills.

Use Proper Shower Head

The kind of shower head you are using also plays an important role. You can reduce your water bills significantly by considering installing a water-efficient low water flow shower head. This way, every minute while you are in the shower, you will actually be saving a gallon of water that would otherwise have wasted if you had been using the normal shower heads. Water efficient shower heads might be a little expensive, but you should look at as an investment. If there are four members in your family, you can save up to 15000 gallons of water per year with this strategy.

Overall, if you put your discipline at work and implement some simple strategies, you can definitely save money on water bills.

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  1. sams says:

    Very good and innovative points . After studying this article, it is very sure that every one will be able to learn to save the money on Water Bills.. A budget is a list of all considered expenses and revenues. The procedure for preparing a monthly budget includes the variety of points like listing of all sources of monthly income, listing of all required, fixed expenses, like rent/mortgage, utilities, phone and listing of other possible and variable expenses. Among them, the Water Bill can cause a serious knock if you are not careful the use of Water. The most important factor to reduce the water bill is that review the bill from previous few months. If there is any variation in increasing order, you should discuss with the family members and should find the reason like there is any leakage somewhere or you are wasting the water carelessly if any. Also, it is very important that do not forget to check your flapper by removing the toilet cover. Watch it thoroughly. If you put your efforts at work and implement the above mentioned strategies, it is very sure that you can save money on water bills.

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