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25 Proven Ways For Money Saving On Electricity

When it comes to money saving on electricity, there are plenty of things that you can do. Energy bills offer a major contribution in everyone’s monthly budget. In fact, many consumer researches and studies have shown that electricity bill is the biggest monthly bill after rent or mortgage payments. This very fact is sufficient enough to understand that how important a role these bills play in your budget plan. Since a successful budget is mainly about reducing expenses and saving more money, it is very important to find out those strategies, those simple things, which one can follow to cut down these bills into a small figure. Following is a brief rundown on 25 proven ways that never fail.

Washing Machine And Dishwasher

Following are some useful tips for money saving on electricity while you are dealing with washing machines and dishwashers.

1. When you use these household appliances, it is always better to first switch on the water or energy saving mode. Besides that, you can also save energy consumption by reducing the water temperature.
2. You are also advised to use the appliances by first making it as full as possible.
3. Furthermore, while you are using a washing machine or a dishwasher, you must first make sure that the appliances are properly connected with the hot water pipe.


Oven is also one of the most frequently used household appliances. While you are using an oven, you can use the following tips for money saving on electricity.

4. If possible, you should consider replacing the oven with a toaster or the microwave.
5. You must make the best use of the temperature in the oven. For example, it is always wise to switch the oven off ten minutes before you reach the cooking time because at this stage, the oven already reaches the final temperature.
6. Do not keep opening and closing the oven door again and again. When you use it to prepare your food, you should work with proper planning. You must know what you are doing. This way, you will be able to keep the door of the oven closed for a longer time until the food is prepared.
7. You can also consider baking with circulating air.
8. Some people prefer to heat the oven before they use it to prepare their food. Such practices cause waste of energy. You can prepare a delicious food without preheating the oven; so, avoid such things.


You will find the following tips for money saving on electricity quite useful while you are using a stove.

9. Instead of using a stove, you should consider using an electric kettle to boil water. It is a more energy-efficient way without hurting the end result.
10. If you are planning to buy a new stove, something that can save energy bills for you, you can choose an induction cooker or a gas stove.
11. Just like the strategy you used with the oven, as explained above, here again, you can consider turning the stove off at least five minutes before the food is ready.
12. You can also save energy consumption by reducing the amount of water you use in cooking.
13. The selection of the right pots also plays an important role. Pots with small diameters consumer less energy than those with large diameters. Likewise, you must also be careful while using the right hobs for the right pots; make sure that the hobs you are using fit to the pots or are smaller.
14. The pots should be kept closed for as long as possible. It will help you make your food quicker, which means less energy consumption. If you are not using any lid on the pot, you will be able to use only two-third of the energy. With a lid, you will be able to make full use of the energy.
15. While the food is being cooked, make sure that the bottom of the pot is even.
16. If you are going to cook for a considerable amount of time, consider using a pressure cooker.


Your success in money saving on electricity also depends on how effectively you use the lights in an energy-efficient way. The following tips will help.

17. Unless you have L.E.D types, you are advised to avoid using ceiling floodlights.
18. Use SFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs) instead of regular light bulbs.
19. An innovative way to save energy and to reduce your electricity bill is to paint your room in a bright color. This way, you can make your room brighter by using less light because bright-colored walls reflect more light.

Fridge, Freezer, And Refrigerator

The following tips will also help you in money saving on electricity, especially when you are dealing with fridge, freezer, and refrigerator.

20. If there is a layer of ice, you must defrost the freezer.
21. Whatever you do, do it in an energy efficient way. For example, before you put something in a cooling device, let the food cool down first.
22. You must also frequently check the sealing gasket to ensure they are working fine. If it is damaged, you must get it repaired or replaced with a new one as soon as possible.
23. Make sure that doors of all these cooling appliances are thoroughly closed.
24. Keep all these devices at an increased inner temperature – for the freezer, 18°C (0°F) should be enough; and, for the fridge, 7°C (45°F) should be enough.
25. The distance of these devices from the wall is also crucial. Make sure that air can circulate well. A general rule of thumb is to place these appliances at least 5cm (2 inches) away from the wall.

Overall, you just have to be a little careful while you are dealing with some of the major energy consumers in the household. If you do it seriously and put the above tips in action, there should not be any reason why you should achieve a tremendous success in money saving on electricity.

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  1. Jay says:

    Good points. Money saving on electricity helps in two ways. One is we save money for our self and the other is that if we save electricity we can help you in saving our natural resources. Some very basic tips can prove to be very useful and we can save some extra money in our budget. We should always switch off the lights, fan, Ac’s when we are leaving the room. Never leave your computer and LCD in a stand by position, as it consumes Electricity. If you are going to use Washing Machine or Dish Washer, first start it as full as possible. Microwave may be a better option rather than a Oven. The door of Oven should not be opened again and again because if you open the door very frequently it will disturb the maintained temperature of the Oven. A very popular practice of preheating the Oven is actually nothing but only the wastage of electricity. If you start using it directly, your food will be the same in taste and quality. Oven and stove should be turned off at least 10 minutes before the actual time because it reaches at the desired temperature by that time.

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